‘The Discomfort of Evening’ Bags the 2020 Int’l Booker Prize

‘The Discomfort of Evening’, the debut novel written by 29-year-old Dutch author Marieke Lucas Rijneveld and translated from Dutch by Michele Hutchison, has been announced as the winner of The 2020 International Booker Prize. Rijneveld has become is the youngest author to win the prestigious award. The Dutch edition was a bestseller in the Netherlands,

Annual JLF London Goes Virtual

As the world works through a new “normal” this year, Teamwork Arts, the producer of the iconic Jaipur Literature Festival, and the British Library, bring to you a virtual edition of the annual JLF London, with the magnificent piazza of the British Library replaced by the boundless possibilities of the internet. Everything else remains the

Tale Of Wall Arts

Painting stories of local communities of cities of Uttar Pradesh on a ‘donated wall’, a new art initiative is bringing together public art, talented artists and socio-cultural ethos to reimagine and reinvent public spaces in a unique way…writes Siddhi Jain The ‘Donate a Wall’ initiative by Asian Paints and St+art Foundation asks city dwellers to

‘Delhi Riots 2020’ Gets Another Publisher

Following the withdrawal of the book ‘Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story’ by publisher Bloomsbury India, another publishing house Garuda Prakashan has stepped in and confirmed taking over its publishing, it said in a statement on Sunday…reports India Daily News The publisher, committed to giving voice to “Indic issues” said the book is expected to

Artist Beyond Borders

While he has always been intrigued by the media gaze towards different events, he feels that it is imperative for him to enter those areas and look at what popular media prefers to ignore — be it Kashmir or Palestine (‘Anamorphosis’, body of three works at London’s The Mosaic Rooms-2019 informed by his experiences of

Traversing Through Indic Wisdom

It began six years ago when Kaninika Mishra, with a bachelors degrees in homoeopathic medicine and arts, as well as a masters degree in management from an Australian university, started to formally learn yogic workouts and met many young people who had turned to yoga, Ayurveda or Indian dietary regimens to cope with stress and

Renowned Writer Sadiya Dehlvi Dies at 63

Writer, columnist, filmmaker and activist Sadia Dehlvi, a prominent critic of radical interpretations of Islam who urged a holistic understanding of the religion and was also a vocal critic of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act on the ground that it discriminated against Muslims, died here late Wednesday after a prolonged battle with cancer. She had turned