Warning signs of cervical cancer

Did you know that unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge could be a warning sign of cervical cancer? India accounts for nearly one-fourth of the world’s Cervical Cancer deaths, with 60,078 deaths and 96,922 new cases in 2018. This largely preventable disease is the second most common cause of Cancer mortality among Indian women, Sushma Tomar,

‘A New Sense Of Place’

With over 50 per cent (564.5 million) of the Indian population connected to the internet, the shift to ‘activity’ as opposed to ‘location’ has become more defined. According to a study every one-in-five respondent orders groceries from their beds or while browsing what is on the television, or even on their smartphones while travelling!…writes Puja

Growing Interest To Dark Chocolates

The artisanal, bean-to-bar chocolate making will further gain feet in India in the coming years. An evolving palate of Indian consumers will help the rise of India-made chocolates and brands that use honest, natural ingredients and practise small-batch handcrafting, says Sheetal Saxena, founder of Colocal, an artisanal chocolate brand…Siddhi Jain. Colocal, which has a casual

Make Your Home Spacious and Luxurious

Re-modelling your home is a strenuous task and can take months to complete, especially if you have a 9 to 6 job. But with ingenuity and without buying expensive things, your home can get a perfect makeover just by adding lights and mirrors to give it more sophisticated appearance…writes Puja Gupta. Heena Jain, Head Design

New Year Dating Resolutions

As we enter 2021, there’s no doubt that we want to once again gain a little more control of our lives. Even as we think of several resolutions — from getting fitter to reading more books — it’s not often that we promise to prioritise taking care of ourselves or working towards improving our dating

Yoga To Deal With Winter Woes

During winter days, the body becomes stiff which makes it prone to cramps, joint pain, and injury. Yoga can cure your winter lethargy and stiffness…writes Puja Gupta. All you need is your yoga mat and as little as 20 minutes thrice a week to see the difference. Exercise heats up the body from the inside

Attention Heart Patients…Its Winter!

Winter is often pleasing but it can also be bothersome when it comes to your heart. Winter is the time when high-risk people or those with heart issues, may get a heart attack. To top it all, people with heart problems are in the high-risk category and may get sick due to Coronavirus…writes Bipeenchandra Bhamre.

Healthy Mock tails For Winter

Winters call for some warm exotic dishes, but what about the drinks? Don’t settle for your usual soft drinks when you can prep-up for something fancy in little to no time! As we enter the New Year, why not add some lip-smacking healthy mocktails to the list?…writes Puja Gupta. Yes, with a pinch of the

Yoga For Glowing Skin

In our day-to-day beauty regime, psychological peace and spiritual balance play a relevant role. We never think but most of our skin problem are due to various imbalance in our body fluids, blood circulation, no exercise and stress too. Apart from its innumerable health benefits, Yoga also helps to beautify skin. Practising yoga daily is