Quality Spa Tips For Hair Care

Do It Yourself spas have become an essential part of “Me time”, as we juggle work from home and living at work (for most of us during the lockdown). Melissa Hughe, National Technical Head of Schwarzkopf Professional, shares some quality tips to get the help you make the most of your hair spa…writes Puja Gupta

Resurgence Of Bandhani Trend

A vibrant, colourful and exuberant fashion trend seems to have emerged in these uncertain times; the confinement of Covid-19 has seen the resurgence of tie and dye. Judging by social media feeds in the last few months you have either baked banana bread or tie-dyed t-shirts. Tie and dye is the comfort food of fashion–

Comfort Dynamics In Fashion

Halfway into 2020 with most parts of it spent in lockdown; this year has officially been tagged as the year of loungewear — sweatshirts, joggers, hoodies, pyjamas are mainstays etc. From street chic to athleisure, the cozy couture trend is an ideal choice to make a style statement from the comfort of your own home.

Cloud Kitchens the New Normal in Dining

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed consumer behaviour in the F&B sector. It’s no news that India’s restaurant industry is facing the hardest hit in the crisis and even though the lockdown helped reduce the spread of the virus, it has also resulted in the revenues of the sector dropping to zero. Keeping the sensitive situation

Home School Tips During COVID-19

Parenting could be hard during a pandemic, especially when your child’s physical classes are on hold. If you are helping your child learn from home or home-schooling them, a few tips can make it a positive experience. Priyam Saharia, a parenting blogger/expert at Momspresso suggests these home-schooling tips if you are feeling overwhelmed that your

Desires of an Adventurer

The worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus has brought a screeching halt to every industry, including the travel and hospitality. With restrictions on international travel and practice of social distancing, the travel bunnies across the world are less than excited as most their are restricted. But with easing lockdown rules, the adventure junkies can again look

The Oneness of Humanity

Kerala-based artist Rejeesh Sarovar will present a solo art exhibition- “In between soil, Mans and Myth” that portrays the artists observations of the the quest of his life with its surroundings and his experiences. His search for human lives and their aptitudes had taken him to the very roots of man’s biological relationship with earth

Tips to Manage the Seasonal Flu

The monsoon has begun, and while it brings relief from summer heat it also brings perils of humidity. With the rain showers comes the risk of being exposed to viruses, necessitating measures to manage the six most important seasonal flu symptoms– breathing difficulty, body ache, cough, blocked nose, headache and muscular stiffness early on. Dr.

Study: Realists and Long-Term Happiness

Positive thinking has long been extolled as the route to happiness, but a new study shows that realists enjoy a greater sense of long-term wellbeing than optimists. For the findings, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the research team studied people’s financial expectations in life and compared them to actual outcomes over an

Lockdown Art an Ode to Resilience

A remote arts residency that began on the first day of the nationwide lockdown, featuring 30 artists confined in homes and studios in a multitude of locations, has culminated in an extensive online exhibition ‘The Spirit Remains Unlocked.’ LockdThe exhibit goes live from Sunday, and presents unique vignettes of artists’ experiences of these unprecedented times