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Biden team adds 2 Indian-Americans

According to the announcements,Radhika Fox Fox would become Assistant Administrator for Water, Environmental Protection Agency, while Joshi is being named as Administrator…reports Asian Lite News US President Joe Biden has named Radhika Fox and Meera Joshi, two Indian-American women already working in his administration, to be part of a 10 member team to lead on climate and transportation matters across key agencies, the media reported. According to a White House...

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Remedies for imbalanced skin

The lack of moisture in the skin results from a decrease in the fatty acids (lipids) in the skin, which...

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Sun Mark Denies Allegations Against Chairman Lord Rami Ranger

“We are concerned that the claimant gave the tribunal a highly distorted account of a part-recorded telephone call with our Chairman, in which she shouted and deliberately goaded him with insults about his family and business before secretly recording the conversation. We believe the call amounted to entrapment” Sun mark Ltd, one of the leading FMCG firms in the UK, denies press reports accusing the chairman of misconduct. Several newspapers, including The Times and The Daily Telegraph, carried a story alleging Chairman Lord Rami Ranger shouted at a former employee and sweared...

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Energy drinks consumption may harm heart

Energy drinks are also known to raise blood pressure and can trigger heart rhythm abnormalities, say the authors, by way of an explanation for the published findings to date…reports Asian Lite News. Heavy energy drink consumption may be linked to heart failure, doctors have warned in the...

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