Nutritional Relevance Of Pasta

Good news for pasta eaters! Pasta consumption in both children and adults is associated with better diet quality and nutrient intakes than that of those adults and children who do not eat pasta, say, researchers. When evaluating the weight parameters, no associations were observed in male adults and children. In adult women, however, pasta-eaters showed

Kerala CM Resumes Covid Review Meeting

After a long gap, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Thursday again held his customary press briefing after the daily Covid review meeting and said that despite the numbers rising, the state has done well in keeping things under control. “Compared with the figures of cases in other south Indian states, Kerala has done well

Quality Spa Tips For Hair Care

Do It Yourself spas have become an essential part of “Me time”, as we juggle work from home and living at work (for most of us during the lockdown). Melissa Hughe, National Technical Head of Schwarzkopf Professional, shares some quality tips to get the help you make the most of your hair spa…writes Puja Gupta

Fire in Kerala secretariat triggers political row

The Leader of Opposition in the Kerala Assembly, Ramesh Chennithala, who alleged that the fire that broke out in the state Secretariat on Tuesday as part of a larger conspiracy at the behest of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to destroy crucial evidences related to the gold smuggling case, met Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan and

Kerala C M defeats no-confidence motion

On expected lines, the no-confidence motion moved by the Congress-led UDF was defeated easily by the Pinarayi Vijayan government in Kerala, but all the corruption issues raised by the opposition were sidestepped by the Chief Minister in a nearly four-hour-long speech, where he read out the progress card of his government. The no-confidence motion was

Hindu Temple, Houses Demolished In Pakistan

Around the same time that Turkey was converting the historic Chora church of Istanbul into a mosque, Pakistan demolished an old Hanuman temple in Lyari, Karachi. Also demolished were the homes of about 20 Hindu families that lived near the temple…writes Rahul Kumar After Hindus from the locality gathered around the rubble of the ancient

Tale Of Wall Arts

Painting stories of local communities of cities of Uttar Pradesh on a ‘donated wall’, a new art initiative is bringing together public art, talented artists and socio-cultural ethos to reimagine and reinvent public spaces in a unique way…writes Siddhi Jain The ‘Donate a Wall’ initiative by Asian Paints and St+art Foundation asks city dwellers to

Taj Mahal Dazzles As Yamuna In Spate

From a “sickly sewage canal,” the Yamuna river stands as a vibrant and attractive water body which is said to be the lifeline of the city. Heaps of garbage that had accumulated along the banks have now been swept away. “The banks are now cleaner and greener thanks to the monsoon rains. The chirping birds