Study: Indian Parents Give Priority To Kids Education

 ‘All parents want the best for their children’ is a centuries old truth. For Indian parents this is by providing them with the best education, confirms a survey…PUJA GUPTA Women, 55 per cent, more than men, 43 per cent, make investing in their child’s education a top long-term goal, said the survey done by Scripbox,

Transform Nursery Into An Edutainment Hub

The lockdown has proven to be a strenuous time for both parents and children. With online education being a fairly new concept to most parents and children, need a safe and fun environment that facilitates active and engaged learning. International brand IKEA has a collection of everything you need to transform your nursery into an

App For Children With SLDs

Late identification of learning disabilities could leave some children behind in their academic and mental development – something early screening can solve…writes Siddhi Jain. Indigenous research studies have estimated the incidence of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) in India to be between 10-12 percent of school-going children. In remote populations and Tier-II cities where there is

Indian Games Boost Kids’ Skills

In a new approach to developing everyday skills into children with special needs, for instance, children with dyslexia, the Madras Dyslexia Association (MDA) has experimented with supplementing usual occupational therapy with native Indian games, to help with their development. In the radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought to focus an important

Home School Tips During COVID-19

Parenting could be hard during a pandemic, especially when your child’s physical classes are on hold. If you are helping your child learn from home or home-schooling them, a few tips can make it a positive experience. Priyam Saharia, a parenting blogger/expert at Momspresso suggests these home-schooling tips if you are feeling overwhelmed that your

MHA Allows Universities To Conduct Exams

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday permitted conduct of examinations by universities and institutions. The MHA wrote a letter in this regard to the Union Higher Education Secretary. “The final Term Examinations are to be compulsorily conducted as per the UGC Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the universities,” said a statement issued

Downsides to E-Learning

Although online learning has gained momentum during the lockdown, the shift to the online medium has raised many concerns among the parents. Around half, 48 per cent of parents are worried about their child developing some health issues related to the increased screen time. Slightly lesser have concerns about technical issues (low internet speed, etc.)

UK PM: $1.23 Billion to be Invested into Schools

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised funding worth 1 billion pounds ($1.23 billion) for 50 major school building projects in England, it was reported on Monday. The 50 school building projects, which will be identified later in the year, will start from September 2021, in a 10-year programme which Johnson will launch on Monday,