Boost Your Immunity Fruitfully

Monsoon demands some extra effort to stay fit and healthy. Since our immunity takes a dip during monsoons, making us susceptible to all kinds of infections. Especially amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s imperative we maintain our immunity through the seasonal changes. Fruits loaded with vitamins, minerals, and varieties of nutrients have always been the traditional

Renu Dalal: Vegan Food Is Dynamic

The daughter of India’s bestselling cookbook author and legendary chef Tarla Dalal, Renu, inherited her mother’s passion for cooking and experimenting with recipes. From being a spectator of her mother’s cooking shows, which were shot at home, eating delicious vegetarian food, to being an author and culinarian in her own right, Renu Dalal’s journey in

A Taste of Uniqueness in Extreme Northeast

Starting with the locally-famous “achin pinam” (spiced rice) to smoked beef platters, or the “amin” made out of rice cake and chicken, every dish cooked in Arunachal Pradesh’s Basar town gives out a flavour of the hills and wilderness that surrounds the place….writes Milinda Ghosh The quaint hill town at the centre of the northeastern state,

Grub Fest Delights Food Lovers

Food lovers in the national capital seem to have developed a huge appetite for food when they thronged in large numbers at the ongoing food festival – the Grub fest….reports India Daily Newsdesk Held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the three-day event saw all the renowned gastronomic brands of the NCR coming up with their signature

Indian cuisine is pretty big in Britain

Natalia Ningthoujam looks into the popularity of Indian cuisine in Britain She comes from a family of chefs and co-owns Southall-based Brilliant Restaurant that specialises in Punjabi cooking with a Kenyan twist. Dipna Anand, a London-based Indian chef, says the city has welcomed Indian curries with open arms. “Indian cuisine is pretty big in the UK. So