Boris Johnson Condemns Beijing’s Security Law In HongKong

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said China’s imposition of new security law in Hong Kong constituted a clear and serious breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration signed in 1984 and aimed at smoothing the transition when the territory was handed back to Beijing in 1997. The UK believes that Beijing’s move violates HongKong’s autonomy, threatens

China Sells Faulty Medical Kits To EU

There have always been concerns over the poor quality of Chinese products. And the same fear now has come to haunt the world when it is fighting the worst health crisis of the 21st century … writes Dr Aditya Sharma China has been accused of sending and selling testing kits and medical masks of poor and

China Forces Birth Control To Limit Population

China is allegedly forcing women to be sterilised with contraceptive devices in Xinjiang in an apparent attempt to limit the population of Muslim Uyghurs, according to new research. The report, by China scholar Adrian Zenz, was based on a combination of official regional data, policy documents and interviews with ethnic minority women in Xinjiang, the

Military Delegates’ Meeting To Resolve India China Border Issue

A discussion regarding the eastern Ladakh border issue taking place at Chushul with the top officials of India and from the Chinese military on Tuesday morning. Chushul is the location where India has put a strong message that China’s People’s Liberation Army troops have not been aided by the disengagement consensus. This is the third

India-China Border Row Affects India Inc

For over a week now, hundreds of thousands of cargo containers carrying all kinds of import materials from China-Hong Kong, are now grounded at various sea and airports in the country…. Reports QUAID NAJMI In the wake of the India-China border clashes and the subsequent hardening of positions on both sides, the worst apprehensions of

Chinese Vaccine Shows Positive Results In Human Trials

A Covid-19 vaccine candidate developed by a Beijing unit of China National Biotec Group (CNBG) has shown positive results in early human trials, the company said on Sunday. According to the company, all 1,120 volunteers in the phase-1 and phase-2 clinical trials produced high-titer antibodies against Covid-19 after accepting two doses of the vaccine, the

Aversion To Chinese Imports Impacted Mobile Industry

The immediate aversion to import Chinese products and the government’s proactive steps to lower dependence on imports badly affected the growing mobile and electronics industry. In a letter to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the Indian Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) has said that all China-origin imports of the electronics industry have come under adverse action

Several Ready to Drop Chinese Products

In the backdrop of the India-China dispute, 68.2 per cent people said that as a mark of protest, they will stop buying Chinese products, including mobile phones, TVs and electronic goods, according to the latest IANS CVoter Snap Poll. According to the survey, 68.2 per cent people said they will boycott Chinese products, while 31.8