PIA privatisation process almost complete

As a result, the CAA was using second-generation equipment, whereas developed countries are utilising the latest third-generation equipment…reports Asian Lite News

Amid the ongoing talks about Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) privatisation, the National Assembly’s standing committee on aviation was informed on Monday that the process is almost complete, ARY News reported.

According to a statement issued today, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) currently operates 22 out of 43 airports, including 13 international ones, and has been experiencing budget constraints on the development side for several years.

As a result, the CAA was using second-generation equipment, whereas developed countries are utilising the latest third-generation equipment.

The National Assembly’s aviation committee has called for improvements in the country’s aviation sector. The committee stressed the need for better food services and more courteous staff behaviour towards passengers, as per ARY News.

In a related development, the Pakistan Meteorological Department is set to enhance its weather monitoring capabilities with the installation of new radars and weather stations. The planned upgrades include five new radars in Quetta, Dera Ismail Khan, Cherat, Gwadar, and Lahore, as well as three mobile radars and 300 automatic weather stations, funded by the World Bank.

These developments aim to enhance the overall travel experience and improve aviation safety in Pakistan.

The Committee was also informed that Pakistan Disaster Management (PDM) is developing a Kisan Mobile application that aims to provide farmers and other state departments with early weather forecasts and flood warnings.

Additionally, the Committee expressed concerns about the cracks in the aircraft parking area at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore.

In response, the CAA has addressed concerns regarding the upgrade of airport facilities. The CAA confirmed that the necessary work has been awarded and is currently in progress.

Additionally, the committee expressed concerns about the appointment of aero-medical staff and the licensing of pilots, urging the relevant authorities to submit a comprehensive report on these matters.

Earlier, the sources said that the privatisation is expected to take place in early August 2024,

A total of six companies have been shortlisted for the privatisation process, and these companies have requested detailed information about PIA. The companies have asked for time until July to review the financial issues of the national airline. (ANI)

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