Protest Over Biden’s Israel Support Reaches Minnesota

Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza reflects mounting pressure on the Biden administration…reports Asian Lite News

The “uncommitted” urging President Biden to reconsider his Israel policy reaches Minnesota, aiming to mobilise progressive Democrats and Muslim Americans for Super Tuesday.

While Minnesota typically leans Democratic, a protest vote here, unlike in Michigan, may not yield significant results.

Nonetheless, it serves as a barometer of Biden’s support within his party. Jaylani Hussein, co-chair of the Abandon Biden movement in Minnesota, seeks 10,000 “uncommitted” votes, Reuters reported.

However, some organizers temper expectations due to a lack of grassroots momentum. The movement urges Biden to support a permanent ceasefire and halt aid to Israel, challenging his staunch pro-Israel stance.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza reflects mounting pressure on the Biden administration.

Despite potential dissent, Biden is expected to secure victory in Democratic primaries nationwide. Minnesota, a historically Democratic state, is unlikely to sway Republican in the general election.

Democratic officials remain confident that disaffected voters will ultimately back Biden in the face of a Trump presidency.

Aid airdrops into Gaza

The United States, in collaboration with the Royal Jordanian Air Force, conducted an unprecedented humanitarian airdrop into Gaza, delivering 38,000 meals along the besieged coastal enclave, CNN reported, citing a statement from US Central Command (CENTCOM).

This initiative followed President Joe Biden’s remarks that the US would pull out “every stop” to get more aid into the besieged coastal enclave.

The operation, executed by the US Air Force using C-130 aircraft, saw a total of 66 bundles dropped along the Gaza coastline, with each of the three aircraft contributing 22 bundles. Notably, the airdropped supplies consisted solely of meals, with no inclusion of water or medical provisions, as reported by CNN.

While applauding the accomplishment, President Biden acknowledged on social media that the amount of aid reaching Gaza was still insufficient. He reiterated the US commitment to spare no effort in increasing aid, aligning with his previous declaration to “pull out every stop” to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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