Rajnath vows to eradicate poverty in 15 years

Singh pointed to the remarkable feat of uplifting approximately 25 crore individuals from poverty during Modi’s nine-year tenure….reports Asian Lite News

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has pledged to eradicate poverty in India within the next decade to fifteen years, underscoring it as ‘Modi Ki guarantee’. Singh was speaking at the BJP’s ‘Vijay Sankalp’ rally in Kalahandi.

Singh’s proclamation was laden with historical context as he contrasted the unfulfilled promises of past leaders, including Nehru, Gandhi, and Singh himself, with the proactive initiatives championed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Backing his assertion with data, Singh pointed to the remarkable feat of uplifting approximately 25 crore individuals from poverty during Modi’s nine-year tenure. This achievement, he emphasised, wasn’t just rhetoric but was substantiated by the authoritative reportage of Niti Aayog, marking a watershed moment in Indian governance and positioning Modi as a harbinger of socio-economic transformation.

Expanding on Modi’s vision, Singh envisioned a future where every Indian household would enjoy essential amenities like robust housing, clean water, and cooking fuel within the next five years. These aspirations, he stressed, weren’t mere fantasies but tangible goals supported by a meticulous roadmap for execution.

Going beyond the macroscopic narrative, Singh zoomed in on the grassroots level, highlighting the tangible transformation witnessed in Kalahandi, once synonymous with poverty and deprivation.

Under Modi’s leadership, he remarked, the region is experiencing a revitalization driven by proactive governance paradigms, underlining the pivotal role of local representation in addressing regional issues on the national stage and rallying support for BJP’s Kalahandi Lok Sabha candidate, Malavika Devi.

Echoing BJP’s core values, Singh invoked the principle of fiscal prudence, juxtaposing past fiscal leakages with the efficient mechanisms introduced by Modi, such as the Jan Dhan Yojana and direct benefit transfers.

According to Singh, these measures have not only curbed corruption but have also ensured the direct and effective distribution of public funds to their intended recipients, thereby catalyzing socio-economic development.

Singh tears into Channi

Rajnath Singh on Wednesday took a dig at former Punjab chief minister Charanjit Singh Channi over his controversial remarks on the recent terrorist attack on Indian Air Force (IAF) convoy at Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir leading to the death of one IAF soldier.

Addressing a public gathering at Bhawanipatna in Kalahandi on Wednesday, Singh said, “Congress has always been involved in negative politics. Recently, some terrorists launched an attack on our defence forces convoy in Jammu & Kashmir. Congress leader Charanjit Singhji Channi said that it (the terrorist act) was an election stunt. Will we get our army soldiers attacked? What are these people trying to do with the security and self-esteem of the nation?”

“Earlier, terrorist attacks would take place in almost every state across the country. After our government came to power, terrorism almost stopped in the country, barring some minor incidents. This was also an act of terrorism. One soldier of IAF was killed in the attack but our defence forces soon neutralised the two terrorists by showing their valour and bravery,” Singh added.

Notably, Congress leader Charanjit Singh Channi had earlier remarked that the terrorist attack on the Indian Air Force was a BJP-operated pre-poll stunt. He alleged that BJP is playing with people’s lives and bodies.

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