Chidambaram says Congress manifesto making BJP jealous

Chidambaram, a senior Congress leader, underscored that the party’s manifesto explicitly acknowledges the presence of social and economic disparities…reports Asian Lite News

Former Union Minister P Chidambaram issued a robust challenge to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders, daring them to identify a single paragraph in the Congress manifesto that could be construed as “appeasement.” This response came in the wake of accusations leveled by Modi and the BJP against the Congress, alleging that their manifesto advocated appeasement policies, including wealth redistribution and reservations for Muslims from the quotas allocated for SC, ST, and OBC communities.

Chidambaram, a senior Congress leader, underscored that the party’s manifesto explicitly acknowledges the presence of social and economic disparities and pledges to address them for all sections of society, regardless of religious affiliation. He asserted that the primary beneficiaries of Congress’s proposed policies would be the most marginalized groups, including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and the economically disadvantaged, irrespective of their religious identity. In his retort to accusations of appeasement, he adamantly stated, “If bringing justice is considered appeasement, so be it.”

Furthermore, Chidambaram highlighted the resonance of the Congress manifesto among the populace, contrasting it with what he deemed the lackluster reception of the BJP’s manifesto, mockingly titled “Modi ki Guarantee.” He noted the disparity in campaign resources, acknowledging the financial advantage enjoyed by the BJP, which reportedly amassed a substantial sum through electoral bonds. Despite this financial asymmetry, Chidambaram expressed confidence in the people’s support for the Congress, asserting that they would compensate for the party’s resource limitations.

In response to Modi’s ambitious claim of securing 400 seats, Chidambaram delivered a pointed jab, questioning the feasibility of such a victory, particularly given the BJP’s relatively modest presence in states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He ridiculed Modi’s assertion, humorously suggesting that unless the BJP planned to contest elections in another country, achieving 400 seats seemed implausible.

Chidambaram’s remarks underscored the Congress’s staunch defense of its manifesto and its commitment to addressing social and economic inequalities without regard to religious considerations. Moreover, his critique of the BJP’s campaign tactics and ambitious electoral projections portrayed a sense of skepticism towards the ruling party’s electoral strategies.

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