BSP returns to its roots with new motto

This shift underscores the party’s renewed focus on its core constituency, marking a departure from its previous inclusive stance…reports Asian Lite News

The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has recently signaled a strategic reorientation by altering its motto from ‘sarvjan hitai, sarvjan sukhai’ to ‘bahujan hitai, bahujan sukhai’ ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, indicating a return to its foundational principles. This shift underscores the party’s renewed focus on its core constituency, marking a departure from its previous inclusive stance.

Initially propelled to power in Uttar Pradesh through Mayawati’s ‘social engineering’ approach, which amalgamated upper castes with Dalits in the 2007 assembly elections, the BSP now appears intent on reclaiming its traditional base. The revised slogan, ‘bahujan hitai, bahujan sukhai,’ encapsulates the interests of the ‘bahujans,’ encompassing scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes (OBCs), and religious minorities.

The BSP’s adoption of the new motto was evident in its press note announcing Mayawati’s election meetings in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Formerly, the party’s posters prominently featured the motto ‘sarvjan hitai, sarvajan sukhai.’ This shift underscores a strategic recalibration aimed at realigning the party with its core values and constituency.

The party’s press release emphasized its commitment to contesting the general elections independently, without any external alliances, to champion the welfare of the ‘bahujans.’ This decision reflects a strategic imperative to assert the BSP’s autonomy and consolidate its electoral base without relying on external support.

Following its peak performance in the 2007 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, where it secured an absolute majority with 206 seats, the BSP has witnessed a steady decline in its electoral fortunes. Subsequent electoral setbacks, notably in the 2012 and 2017 assembly polls, underscored the need for the party to reconnect with its core support base to remain politically relevant.

Critically, there is a growing acknowledgment within the party of the need to address grievances among its traditional supporters, particularly Dalits, who have felt marginalized amid perceived shifts in the party’s priorities and leadership. The BSP’s historical stance against ‘brahminvaad and manuvaad’ underscores its commitment to championing the interests of marginalized communities.

Central to the BSP’s electoral strategy is the preservation of its core vote bank, which has historically remained loyal to the party. This core constituency serves as the bedrock of the BSP’s electoral support, facilitating alliances with other caste groups. Therefore, maintaining the cohesion of this support base is essential to the party’s electoral prospects.

By prioritizing the interests of the ‘bahujan samaj’ and emphasizing its commitment to social justice, the BSP aims to reassert its relevance and appeal among marginalized communities. This strategic realignment underscores the party’s determination to reclaim lost ground and advance the interests of the deprived sections of society.

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