Army chief: Pakistani safety trumps all

Munir categorically rejected reconciliation with India, citing India’s non-acceptance of the concept of Pakistan as a fundamental hurdle….reports Asian Lite News

Pakistan Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir asserted the paramount importance of safeguarding Pakistani citizens, stating that the life of one Pakistani is more significant than the entire nation of Afghanistan. During a discussion with students from public and private sector universities, he emphasized the commitment to protecting Pakistani children from any attacks.

Munir categorically rejected reconciliation with India, citing India’s non-acceptance of the concept of Pakistan as a fundamental hurdle. He accused Afghanistan of supporting insurgency in Balochistan and highlighted historical tensions, asserting that Afghanistan opposed Pakistan’s entry into the UN after its inception.

Expressing dissatisfaction with Afghanistan’s current stance, General Munir underlined Pakistan’s historical support to the Taliban, which changed after the group’s reluctance to control the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The TTP’s actions led to a surge in terrorist attacks in Pakistan, prompting a shift in Pakistan’s relationship with the Taliban.

General Munir issued a warning to Iran, cautioning against any attempts to betray Pakistan, especially in light of missile attacks on Jaish-al-Adl’s bases in Balochistan. He emphasized that Pakistan would respond firmly to any breach of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Referring to the regional security situation, Munir questioned the happiness of Afghanistan’s neighbors, India and Iran, highlighting the instability in Pakistan’s security environment. In response to concerns, he reassured that no one would be allowed to compromise Pakistan’s sovereignty, according to The Tribune report.

Munir pointed to the recent Panjgur attack and subsequent retaliatory strikes as an example of swift de-escalation and normalization of relations. This included the reestablishment of ambassadorial ties and an upcoming visit by the Iranian foreign minister, showcasing a positive development in regional relations.

In summary, General Munir’s statements underscored Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to protecting its citizens, emphasized historical grievances with Afghanistan, and issued strong warnings against potential threats from India and Iran, while also highlighting recent positive diplomatic developments with Iran.

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