Choreographer Rajit Dev Dives into Fusion Styles

The music video was shot in Morocco and directed by Abderrafia…reports Asian Lite News

Choreographer Rajit Dev has opened up about choreographing actress Nora Fatehi’s new song titled ‘Nora’, sharing that it has a fusion of styles from three countries — Morocco, commercial hip-hop from Canada, and Indian traditional style.

In the last few years, the duo, Nora and Rajit, have given hits like ‘Zaalim’, ‘Pachtaoge’, ‘Chhor Denge’, ‘Dirty Little Secret’, the ‘FIFA World Cup anthem’, and ‘Pepeta’.

Talking about their newest collaboration, Rajit shared: “This is Nora’s first international song and an introduction to a wider audience globally. The concept is about Nora, who is Moroccan by blood, who was raised in Canada and then made her career in the Indian film industry. She speaks about all these different cultures and how countries unite through art. It’s about her journey, how it started, and what she wants to achieve.”

The music video was shot in Morocco and directed by Abderrafia.

Rajit shared: “The song is very unique, it has a lot of Moroccan percussion. It’s more towards Moroccan culture, yet she wanted to integrate her Canadian and Indian styles. So, my brief was to make a fusion of all the styles from these three countries. The choreography has three parts — commercial hip-hop depicting Canada, I have used a lot of Indian traditional styles to make the Indian sequence; and Moroccan style. Especially in the hook step, I have used garba because the sound made me move like that.”

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