‘PM taking inspiration from Goebbels’

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh says PM is inspired by Nazi minister Goebbels while speaking about the party’s Nyay Patra for the LS elections…reports Asian Lite News

The Congress on Monday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of taking inspiration from Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels while speaking about the party’s Nyay Patra for the Lok Sabha elections.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said, “For his MA in Entire Political Science, Mr. Narendra Modi must definitely have read Joseph Goebbels on the value of propaganda and taken inspiration from him.”

He noted that Goebbels had stated that, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Ramesh said he also wrote in 1941 that “The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big and stick to it.” Goebbels was the propaganda minister of German ruler Adolf Hitler.

“In his latest interview to a TV channel, which is being headlined, the outgoing PM has yet again blatantly, brazenly and shamelessly lied about the Congress’s Nyay Patra. It once again proves that Mr.Modi’s motto has always been ‘Asatyameva Jayate.’ Truth is slaughtered every time he speaks,” the Congress leader alleged.

‘BJP’s manifesto has vanished without a trace’

Meanwhile, Congress leader P Chidambaram said that the manifesto of the BJP for the Lok Sabha polls has vanished without a trace after it was announced. On the other hand, Congress manifesto recieved popularity because of its welfare promises.

In a post on X, P Chidambaram said, “Congress’ manifesto is based on three driving principles: work, wealth and welfare. There is nothing in the BJP’s manifesto that is comparable to the Congress’ Manifesto. That is why PM Modi and other BJP leaders do not speak about their manifesto. The BJP’s manifesto vanished without a trace. The Congress’ manifesto has left a deep impression on the minds of the people and has become a talking point among millions of people of the country.”

Chidambaram, who heads the Congress manifesto committee, said that his party’s poll document has an inclusive approach and that it only talks about the poor.

“Speaking at Solapur, Maharashtra, Prime Minister said that SC, ST, OBC and the poor have the first right on the country’s resources PM Manmohan Singh said the same thing in his speech to the National Development Council in November 2006 Dr Manmohan Singh had added minorities, women and children to that list why has PM Narendra Modi forgotten minorities, women and children? Are there not poor minorities, poor women and poor children?” he asked.

He further said that the correct formulation would be that the poor have the first claim on the nation’s resources.

“The Congress recognizes that despite development there is a significant number of poor people in the country. Hence, the ‘pivot to the poor’. Congress’ manifesto has the policies that will lift the poor, increase their incomes, and reduce the alarming inequalities in India,” Chidambaram said.

Chidambaram was the chairman of the Congress Manifesto Committee for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Earlier on April 29, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that the Congress and the INDIA bloc are “spreading lies” on OBC representation, adding that the Congress never wanted Dalit, Adivasi and OBC leadership to lead the country.

Addressing a public gathering in Solapur, Maharashtra, PM Modi said that the Congress insulted Dalit leader Dr BR Ambedkar.

“Congress never wanted Dalit, Tribal and OBC leadership in the country. This is the same Congress that insulted Dalit leader Dr BR Ambedkar. Babasaheb Ambedkar got the Bharat Ratna when a BJP-backed government was in power at the Centre,” PM said.

“It has always been the endeavour of the BJP to ensure maximum representation for SC, ST, and OBCs. In 2014, when you gave us a huge majority, the NDA made a Dalit’s son (Ram Nath Kovind), the President (Droupadi Murmu) of the country,” he added.

Dimple Yadav hits out at BJP

Samajwadi Party MP and candidate from Mainpuri Lok Sabha constituency, Dimple Yadav reacted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remark on the Congress’ manifesto and in a veiled attack towards the centre said that such statements are being made because the ruling party has itself “failed” to fulfil the promises in their manifesto during 10 years of tenure.

“All the statements coming from senior leaders are not surprising. Whenever elections come, there is a similar change in language. Such things do not sound good to those who talk about Sanatana Dharma because if they know the nature of Sanatana Dharma, they will understand that we are all one, no one is different,” Yadav told ANI.

“This kind of thing is being raised continuously in the elections, I understand because these people have failed completely in their manifesto in their 10 years of tenure during which they announced 2 crore jobs, raising farmers’ income, building smart cities and reducing inflation,” she said.

“Today, if you look at the prices of the cylinder, petrol, diesel, and fertilizers used by farmers, you will understand that the government has failed somewhere and that is why they are making such statements,” added Yadav.

The reaction comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier mounted a strong attack on Congress and said that the opposition party is cut off from the hopes and aspirations of today’s India and its manifesto reflects the thinking that the Muslim League had during the freedom movement. (ANI)

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