Cinnamon Bazaar Richmond: A Kaleidoscope Of Flavours, Colours And Spices In A Leafy Suburb

Inspired by the hustle and bustle of global bazaars – where ingredients, trends and ideas have been exchanged for centuries – the menu showcases a range of vibrant, pan-Indian street food style dishes, as well as new innovative vegan-friendly plates, created by Executive Chef and Founder Vivek Singh and Head Chef Rakesh Singh. A feature by columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International.

At Vivek Singh’s Cinnamon Bazaar discerning diners can have spiced-laced breakfast eggs, setting the stage for adventurous dining, to vibrant sharing plates and creative cocktails, Cinnamon Bazaar Richmond promises to be the new talk of the town.

Start your day with the house special parathas – warm, homemade flatbreads filled with the likes of keema lamb; potato with a hint of chilli; or cauliflower and cheese. There’s also eggs aplenty including Bombay-style scrambled, healthier options of fruit and bircher and, for heartier appetites, the fully loaded Big Bazaar Fry-up.

As the day progresses, diners are invited to explore a diverse selection of sharing plates, each showcasing a rich tapestry of Indian spices and ingredients. Kick-off with snacks such as Makhani Popcorn with fenugreek leaf and spices before choosing your chaats from a choice of seven- must tries are the Pineappel (sic) Kasundi with caramel puffed rice, the Benarasi Tomato Cashew and the Aloo Tikki, a spiced potato cake with curried white peas, chickpea sev and chutneys.

Larger plates include creative spins and spice-laced classics, such as the Toddy Shop Pepper Fry with stir-fried shrimps, cracked pepper and curry leaf; along with plant-based twists – think Vivek’s new Veganjosh Shepherd’s Pie with root vegetables, soya nuggets and mince, topped with potato ‘chokha’. Finish off your Indian feast with a sweet fix of chocolate and paan mousse, with palm jaggery and nutmeg ice cream, or carrot and ginger toffee pudding with banana ice cream.

Pair your meal with creative cocktails that pack a flavourful punch with choices such as Pink Me with Woodford bourbon, strawberry and orgeat bitters and the Cinnamon Bellini with prosecco, cinnamon syrup and gold dust. Alcohol-free options include the Berry Burst and Mango Lassi – a Bazaar special with mango, yoghurt and cardamon.

The bold interiors reflect the food and are inspired by India’s eclectic bazaars with a mix of bold and playful colours, bright neon signs and striking patterns. Feature walls and ceilings are plastered with Indian newspapers with items such as mirrors, teapots, vintage tins and books strewn throughout. There’s also a spacious al fresco terrace, seating 48, offering the perfect spot to soak up the atmosphere and watch the world go by.

A bazaar brings people together – whether that be to meet, work, drink and eat – and this the ethos behind Cinnamon Bazaar Richmond. Meet friends for a chat over chai, enjoy a working breakfast, a flavoursome lunch or dinner, or pop in for a cocktail.

FnB columnist Riccha Grrover caught up with chef extraordinaire Vivek Singh…

RG- What is your future aspiration for your brand? 

VS- We are approaching 25 years of Cinnamon Collection, and in those years, a lot of the visions we had for ourselves have been accomplished along the way. Cinnamon Collection has changed the potential of Indian dining in this country and many people have been influenced in the industry by the work that we have done which has, in turn, enabled people to think differently in the context of Indian fine-dining and elevated Indian cuisine. With the 5 restaurants that we have developed over 20 years, every single bit of success has come from the realisation of some tradition, however, looking ahead, we would still like the Cinnamon Collection to be at the forefront of the movement of introducing the world to Indian cuisine. As well as this, we would like to continue to seek opportunities and successes by being part of an industry of talent, new ideas and ambition. 

RG- What keeps you motivated in your business and craft? 

VS- The things that keep me motivated in my business and craft are very much the same things that motivated me 25 years ago – it is the people. The people who work with us, the people who come and experience the food and the people who are there for any part of the journey.

RG- What is your mantra of success? 

VS-Always being on the go, never standing still and constantly exploring new experiences, new ideas and new opportunities. As well as this, staying positive and always striving to develop more!

RG- What has been your inspiration that got you to this stage of your successful career? 

VS-I think there are two inspirations that have gotten me to this stage of my career. One is realisation, as a Chef I believe you are only as good as your last service, you always need to stay on the ball and concentrate to keep things consistently good. Two, is that you need to enjoy the journey, success or not, whatever comes your way, enjoy it for what it is.

Excellent attentive service, charming interiors, relaxed vibe, outstanding taste, brilliant presentation, generous portion sizes, eclectic menu choices…Vivek Singh’s Cinnamon Bazaar Richmond is truly a showcase of spice and all things nice! Highly Recommended! 

All about Chef Vivek Singh 

Vivek Singh, Executive Chef of the Cinnamon Collection has a global reputation as one of the masters of Indian fine dining, Vivek Singh’s signature culinary style marries modern Indian flavours with Western techniques and is one of the most inspiring Indian chefs of his generation

Executive Chef & CEO of six restaurants (The Cinnamon Club in Westminster and Dubai, Cinnamon Kitchen in Battersea and the City, and Cinnamon Bazaar in Covent Garden and Richmond), author of six cookbooks and a regular face on both television and live cookery events across the country, Vivek Singh is one of the most inspiring Indian chefs of his generation.

Chef and Restaurateur

The Cinnamon Club first opened its doors in 2001 at the historic Grade II-listed Old Westminster Library and has been redefining the expectations of Indian cooking ever since. Vivek liberated Indian food from its traditional shackles and crafted a brilliant marriage between Indian flavours and western fine dining styles. The Cinnamon Club is now a benchmark for fine dining Indian restaurants around the world.

In 2008, Vivek opened his second restaurant in London, Cinnamon Kitchen City. Located in Devonshire Square – rather fittingly within the former warehouses of the East India Trading Company and a stone’s throw from London Liverpool Street station – the restaurant was the City’s first tandoor bar and grill and includes the chic, spice-infused destination cocktail bar, Anise.

Following this, 2016 saw the launch of Cinnamon Bazaar located in Covent Garden. Inspired by the hustle and bustle of ancient and modern bazaars from around the world, the restaurant blends Old World flavours with The Cinnamon Collection’s renowned modern Indian culinary style to create a unique cultural dining experience.

In 2018, Vivek opened another Cinnamon Kitchen outpost in the new Battersea Power Station development and in 2021, Vivek partnered with Park Hyatt Dubai to open his first international outpost, Cinnamon Bazaar Dubai.

And March 2024 sees Vivek bring Cinnamon Bazaar to the leafy suburb of Richmond. With an all-day menu, open from breakfast through to dinner, Cinnamon Bazaar Richmond is designed to transport diners to the colourful markets of India with its vibrant and playful interiors.

Chef Vivek Singh, the Author

With critical acclaim came consumer demand and Vivek wrote The Cinnamon Club cookbook in 2003, quickly followed by his second publication in 2006, The Cinnamon Club Seafood Cookbook, and a third, Curry: Classic and Contemporary in 2008.

His fourth cookbook, Cinnamon Kitchen: The Cookbook, focus on the dishes of his second restaurant released in 2012, while his fifth cookbook, Spice at Home, published in 2014, combines recipes from his home both in India and the UK, and connects the two cultures with spice and technique.

In 2017, Vivek published his sixth highly anticipated cookbook, centred around glittering Indian festivals and beautiful celebratory feasts called Vivek Singh’s Indian Festival Feasts.

Chef Vivek’s TV Appearances

Widely regarded as one of the most articulate and inspiring Indian chefs of his generation, Vivek regularly appears on television with regular appearances on leading British cookery shows such as Saturday Kitchen and MasterChef. In September 2019, Vivek featured on new Channel 4 show, Snack Masters.

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