WWDC 2024: Expect Big on AI

WWDC is an event where the tech giant updates all its products with new software and features…reports Asian Lite News

This year Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is set to kick off on June 10, and artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to take centre stage along with many other features.

WWDC is an event where the tech giant updates all its products with new software and features. This year, it is expected to unveil iOS 18 for the iPhone along with updates to other operating systems.

It is expected that Apple will incorporate AI into its operating systems, with a focus on enhancing Siri. The updated Siri is rumoured to use large language models to better understand user queries and take actions within Apple’s own apps. Apple may brand these AI features as ‘Apple Intelligence’ and integrate them across its apps.

At the event, Apple is likely to compete with companies like Google and Microsoft in the AI space with the release of iOS 18. This update is expected to bring significant new capabilities and designs centred around AI integration.

It is anticipated that many of the iOS 18 features will also be included in iPadOS 18. Additionally, it is rumoured that the upcoming watchOS 11 might introduce new workout types and watch faces, although it may not be a major update this year.

Apple is also anticipated to release a new version of VisionOS, the software that powers the VR headset.

Describing iOS 18 as one of the most significant software updates for the iPhone to date, reports suggest that users can anticipate a series of design tweaks aimed at enhancing the overall user experience. While not as drastic as the transition witnessed in iOS 17, these changes are expected to make app designs more modular and customizable.

Furthermore, the recent reports obtained by Mashable confirm earlier reports regarding revamped capabilities for the iPhone home screen. iOS 18 is set to grant users the freedom to place icons anywhere on the screen, breaking away from the traditional grid alignment and offering a more personalized experience.

Looking beyond design and AI enhancements, the reports outline several anticipated features of iOS 18. One of the most noteworthy additions is the integration of RCS messaging support, which promises seamless group messaging with Android users while preserving iMessage exclusives like Memoji and stickers.

Moreover, Apple’s intensified focus on AI is expected to revolutionize tasks such as summarization and playlist creation in Apple Music, thanks to AI-driven features across core apps and productivity tools. To further enhance its AI capabilities, Apple is reportedly exploring collaborations with industry leaders like OpenAI and Google, aiming to integrate cutting-edge chatbot technologies into the iPhone ecosystem seamlessly.

Speculation also surrounds the rebranding of Apple ID to ‘Apple Account’ in iOS 18, reflecting Apple’s evolving branding strategy in response to changing market dynamics. Additionally, the Notes app is expected to receive a boost in functionality with support for displaying mathematical notation, enabling users to include various algebraic equations and formulas in their notes.

As anticipation builds for the release of iOS 18, the leaks offer a glimpse into the exciting changes and updates awaiting iPhone users in the near future.

With advancements in AI, design tweaks, and new features on the horizon, Apple enthusiasts have much to look forward to with the upcoming software update.

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