MG Launches ‘100-Year Edition’ in India

The ‘100-Year Limited Edition’ serves as a testament to MG’s enduring commitment to innovation and excellence…reports Asian Lite News

MG, the British automotive brand with a century-old heritage, has unveiled its latest offering, the ‘100-Year Limited Edition.’ This special release pays homage to over 110 years of British racing history, featuring the iconic ‘Evergreen’ color synonymous with the brand’s legacy.

Available in both manual transmission (MT) and continuously variable transmission (CVT), these limited-edition models offer versatility to match their heritage. With options for 5 or 7-seater capacity in petrol and diesel, MG ensures a tailored experience for every enthusiast.

The exterior of the ‘100-Year Limited Edition’ boasts the signature ‘Evergreen’ hue, complemented by a starry black finished roof and dark elements, accentuating its sporty demeanor. Inside, an all-black theme dominates, with ‘100-Year Edition’ embroidery on the front headrests, echoing the racing heritage that defines MG.

Speaking on the launch, Satinder Singh Bajwa, Chief Commercial Officer at MG Motor India, emphasized the brand’s commitment to automotive excellence and heritage. “The launch of our 100-Year Limited Edition reflects our enduring legacy and passion for automotive excellence,” Bajwa said. “The ‘Evergreen’ color embodies the spirit of performance and heritage that define the brand.”

The release of this special edition marks MG’s dedication to honoring its rich racing legacy while showcasing its evolution as an international car brand committed to advanced mobility solutions. The ‘100-Year Limited Edition’ serves as a testament to MG’s enduring commitment to innovation and excellence.

MG’s racing legacy dates back to its establishment as Morris Garages in 1924 under the visionary leadership of British motoring pioneer William Morris. With the introduction of iconic models like the 14/28 Super Sports and the MG EX120, known as ‘The Magic Midget,’ MG solidified its place in automotive history by setting remarkable land speed records.

With the ‘100-Year Limited Edition,’ MG invites enthusiasts to own a piece of its storied history, promising a unique driving experience infused with heritage and performance.

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