Indian origin Entrepreneur Arjun Talwar Launches Bervera, Coconut Water in the UK

 Arjun Talwar was spotted recently at the International Food and Drink Event ( 25-27 March ) in London . Rahul Laud met him to find out more about him and his coconut water story.

Indian-origin UK-based 26-year-old entrepreneur Arjun Talwar who came to the UK to study at Coventry University followed by his master’s degree at the University of Westminster in Marketing Communications brings innovation and disruption into the UK beverage market with the launch of Bervera: Pure & Simple coconut water. He manufactures this product in Kochi and has drawn up plans to take it global.

Arjun’s journey from managing nightclubs in New Delhi, India, to working on Diageo projects at Omnicom Media Group in the UK, and eventually launching Bervera in just three months, demonstrates his determination, and entrepreneurial vision. Today he is the Founder & CEO at Bervera.

Arjun’s entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 18 when he ventured into the nightlife scene in New Delhi, managing renowned establishments such as LIT and MNKY HOUZ. After establishing himself in the hospitality industry, Arjun pursued higher education in the UK. Having worked for Omnicom Media Group on Diageo projects in the UK, Arjun gained invaluable insights into the beverage industry. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Arjun’s vision for Bervera materialized swiftly. After quitting his job in November 2023, he dedicated himself wholeheartedly to launching Bervera, which officially debuted just three months later, in February 2024.

Beverage, derived from the words “pure beverage,” embodies Arjun’s commitment to offering consumers a premium hydration option that prioritizes taste, quality, and sustainability. Drawing inspiration from his family’s heritage in the food and beverage industry, Arjun plans to create five innovative food and beverage brands over the next five years, all centered around health, wellness, and great taste. Arjun doesn’t want to stop just in the UK but wants to take Bervera global, with conversations currently happening all across the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

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