Pakistan Textile Industry Hit by Inflation, Power Costs

The traders have to suffer because of the inability of the Pakistani administration to provide a basic amenity like electricity…reports Asian Lite News

The textile industry in Pakistan’s Karachi has been facing massive losses due to severe load shedding.

The traders have to suffer because of the inability of the Pakistani administration to provide a basic amenity like electricity to its people, which has resulted in a loss in revenue for small and big traders in Karachi.

A textile shopkeeper, Muhamad Bilal, from Karachi, stated that “the government is not taking any pity on us; when we open the shop in the morning, there is no electricity, and when we close the shop, there is no electricity.”

“During the entire day, the electricity is supplied for merely two hours. The business is already on a steep slope, and what is left of our business is spent because of high-priced electricity. Hence, we don’t know who to complain to,” he complained.

Bilal added, “It is quite obvious that, if a small trader pays an electricity bill of around PKR 3500, then what will he earn and how will he feed his family? A poor person who earns merely 500 to 700 PKR a day will such a person buy clothes. Now just imagine, what a common man does. Will he feed his family? will he buy clothes or pay the electricity bills? Believe me, the textile trade is not profitable anymore, we are thinking of going for labour work, there are no customers in the market, because of the high inflation. The only reason for our losses is the inflation and high-priced electricity.”

Another trader belonging to Karachi, Farhan, explained how inflation and high-priced electricity are the reasons behind the majority of their problems in Pakistan.

“Because of the increase in the cost of electricity, the business gets affected. Furthermore, the salaries of the labourers will be affected, and many of them may lose their jobs. This will ultimately lead to a rise in petty crimes and thefts. How will a person survive if his earnings are half of his expenditure?” he said.

“The disposable income of the people has significantly dropped. People are now buying much less than what they used to buy,” Farhan added.

Another suit dealer in Karachi, named Naeem, said that now they have to think a lot before even purchasing goods to sell.

“Previously, we were able to purchase much more. Now we have to think about the rent, the high cost of electricity, the cost of labour, and our own families. All of which adds up to be a major part of our earnings. Not just the traders, but, even the general public is suffering. We demand from the government to please give us some relief. Inflation has left us with just one choice, whether we can feed our families or do business,” he added.

Moreover, Naeem said that they are suffering because of load shedding so much that electricity gets interrupted every two hours.

“If the electricity is supplied uninterrupted, then only we can think about business expansion. The government must think about the poor and the traders, as we are not able to survive anymore,” he added. (ANI)

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