Supreme Court Petition Seeks Ouster of Pakistan President

The petition filed by Ghulam Murtaza Khan in person alleged that the Pakistan President has been evasive in performing his constitutional obligations…reports Asian Lite News

A petition was filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Saturday seeking the removal of Pakistan President Arif Alvi for allegedly not acting in accordance with the responsibilities of the highest office and being biased, Pakistan-based Dawn reported.

The petition filed by Ghulam Murtaza Khan in person alleged that the Pakistan President has been evasive in performing his constitutional obligations, according to Dawn.

The petitioner said, “He has violated the Constitution and committed gross misconduct, therefore, he is not eligible to continue his duties as the president and needs to be declared that he should not continue as president of Pakistan.”

He alleged, “Being the head of the State, he is under constitutional obligation to work in accordance with law but he was misusing the powers and violating the Constitution continuously by his words and conducts.”

Khan stressed that the President represents the entire nation throughout the world. The petitioner alleged that he should fulfil this responsibility patriotically with loyalty and devotion. The petitioner stated that the petitioner should not have been representing any political party. He, however, alleged that the President is representing and portraying one party – the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI).

The petitioner also cited the example of the April 2022 dissolution of the National Assembly on the instructions given by former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, which as per the petitioner ruined the entire political scenario of Pakistan, Dawn reported.

He alleged that despite that the President dissolved the assembly, even though the Supreme Court set aside the same by overturning the ruling of the deputy speaker to dismiss the then no-trust resolution against Imran Khan and the subsequent dissolution of the assembly by the president.

The petitioner called it the responsibility of the President to ensure peace within the country and stressed that when the president is representing the entire country, he cannot act in a biased or subjective manner by favouring a particular political party.

He alleged that Arif Alvi misused his powers by using his office to allegedly support PTI. The petitioner said that the President’s office was allegedly being used for the meetings or activities of the party and added that this act of the president was also unconstitutional and biased towards the whole nation, according to Dawn report.

He stressed Pakistan’s President represents the whole nation as head of the state and his interests and actions should be very clear towards the welfare, prestige, betterment, development, peace and prosperity of the country, Dawn reported.

The petitioner also mentioned the President’s act of not assenting the Official Secrets Amendment Bill and the Pakistan Army Amendment Bill, which he thought was grave misconduct and demonstrated a partial stance, according to Dawn report.

The petitioner said that the President on various occasions contradicts his position by making controversial statements and added that these actions have made the character of the president very distrustful for the whole nation as he violated the provisions of Articles 5 and 12 of the Constitution. (ANI)

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