J&K Border Areas Thrive With Development Initiatives

The increased tourist footfall has not only invigorated the local economy but has also given rise to new opportunities….reports Asian Lite News

In a monumental step towards progress and transformation, the Indian government’s decision to abrogate Article 370 has led to the earmarking of 75 new development destinations in the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

A top official said that these promising initiatives, currently in progress under the guidance of the Tourism department, have ignited a spark of hope and excitement among the local population, paving the way for positive changes in their lives.

“Since the historic decision in February 2021, when India and Pakistan mutually agreed to halt the frequent exchange of firing on the Line of Control (LoC), the picturesque valleys and meadows of the Uri border town in Baramulla, as well as Keran, Tangdar, and Tital border areas of Kupwara district, and Gurez in Bandipore district, have undergone a remarkable transformation. These areas, once nestled away in remote corners, have now become thriving hubs of activity, witnessing a significant surge in tourist footfall,” he said.

The initiatives, he said driven by the Tourism department, aim to leverage the natural beauty and cultural heritage of these regions, creating a harmonious blend of development and preservation. “As new infrastructure takes shape and facilities are upgraded, the locals are embracing the prospect of a brighter future with open arms,” the official said.

“This is a dream come true for all of us,” said Roshan, a street vendor in the Uri border town. His sentiment resonates with many, capturing the collective excitement that courses through the veins of the community. The air is thick with anticipation, as residents look forward to the positive impact these developments will bring to their lives.

Farida, a young entrepreneur from Keran, voiced her optimism, saying, “We’ve waited for this moment for so long. It’s like a new dawn breaking over our town.” Her words echo the sentiments of a population that has faced challenges and uncertainties for years, now finding solace in the promise of progress.

The LoC, once a symbol of tension and conflict, has been transformed into a bridge of peace, allowing the valleys and meadows to flourish. Tourists from various corners of the country and beyond are flocking to these areas, eager to experience the unspoiled beauty and rich cultural tapestry that this region has to offer.

“Every step I take here feels like a step towards serenity,”  said Aroshi, a tourist from Mumbai, as she marvelled at the breathtaking landscapes at Gurez Valley.

The increased tourist footfall has not only invigorated the local economy but has also given rise to new opportunities.

Small businesses, hotels, and eateries have sprouted like wildflowers, catering to the influx of visitors. “We’re witnessing a renaissance of sorts,” noted Bilal, a local artist from Gurez, his eyes reflecting the joy that these changes have brought.

The locals of these border areas said that the abrogation of Article 370 has set the stage for a brighter future, but it is the resilience and enthusiasm of the people that have truly brought these initiatives to life. “The government’s vision, combined with the dedication of the locals, has led to the transformation of once-remote areas into beacons of hope and growth,” they said.

Ishfaq Ahmad, a local of Dawar Gurez said that the 75 new development destinations stand not only as markers of progress but as symbols of unity and determination, illustrating the potential that lies within the hearts of those who call this breathtaking region their home. (ANI)

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