Tiger Shroff passionate about fitness and movement

BUILD.’s high quality has helped us stand out even as a new entrant in the sports nutrition category. The response to the look and taste of the product has been exceptional. Tiger himself has moved to BUILD…says Soumava Sengupta

“I am passionate about fitness and movement. I am a big believer that when you move, it helps improve your physical, emotional, and mental well-being which plays a very crucial part in an individual’s life,” said actor and fitness entrepreneur Tiger Shroff.

“For me taking PROWL to the protein supplement space is a matter of passion and deep belief in transforming the way fitness has been looked up to by the masses. It is a new movement I want to bring about in fitness in India.” We catch up with the fitness enthusiasts Tiger Shroff and Soumava Sengupta, CEO of, BUILD to discover more about the thought behind PROWL venturing into the protein supplement space.

What made you pick BUILD. for launching your sports nutrition range?

TS: The BUILD. team shares the same philosophy as me and they have deep expertise in the Sports Nutrition Category. When I heard they are thinking about BUILD. and tasted the products they had made, I knew I was in the right hands. The BUILD. PROWL range is the most delicious, light, and efficacious product that you will find in India today.

Tiger Shroff.

How is BUILD. different from existing players in the industry? What sets you apart?

SS: The sports nutrition category has been shackled to the gym because of the imagery and the products developed by brands. BUILD. wants to make fitness and active lifestyle accessible to everyone. We want to take the Sports Nutrition category outside of gyms to everyone who wants to lead an active and fit lifestyle. So as a brand, we have products developed for gym goers with heavy activity and for non-gym goers who practice a healthy active lifestyle through running, cycling, sports, yoga etc.. Any active lifestyle requires protein and other nutrients to build, repair and restore muscles. BUILD. has a product for all.

What new avenues will this launch open for BUILD., what new target audience will this launch reach?

SS: The BUILD. PROWL range solves two big reasons why a majority of consumers do not use Sports Nutrition products – ‘Not for me’ and ‘poor taste’. BUILD PROWL has products for gym goers and non-gym goers like runners, cyclists etc.. The products are light and help you move. The series comes in two ranges: Elite and Advanced. Available in multiple flavours, the range starts is available for consumers starting at INR 2,999. The chefmanship that has gone behind delivering delicious taste is best in class. Try BUILD. PROWL and you will find it difficult to taste any other product in the market.

In a time when celebrity endorsements are driving the markets, how important is it to align the name with the brand’s philosophy? Why Tiger Shroff?

SS: We did not sign Tiger for his celebrity status as a movie star, but because of his passion for fitness and movement. He is an inspiration to everyone who wants to lead a fit and healthy life. Even other movie stars cite him as their inspiration. Tiger lives for movement and fitness, and that is what we stand for in BUILD.?

How has the response to BUILD. been, and what segment of people has it resonated most with?

SS: BUILD.’s high quality has helped us stand out even as a new entrant in the sports nutrition category. The response to the look and taste of the product has been exceptional. Tiger himself has moved to BUILD. PROWL was his brand of everyday consumption almost 4 months back. We have got a brilliant response from gym goer community, especially trainers who want to get the best product for their clients, and from the non-gym-going consumer set, especially cyclists, runners, and yoga teachers because it is so light and effective. Our retail partners are constantly sending us amazing reviews from consumers who love the taste of our high-quality protein brand. Not only that, but they’re also seeing great benefits from consuming it regularly!

We currently have BUILD. whey blend, isolate, mass gainers, fish oils, and multivitamins. Our whey isolate comes in two delicious flavours: Belgium Chocolate and French Vanilla. Similarly, the whey proteins are available in Swiss Chocolate and Madagascar Vanilla flavours. We have a pipeline of new product categories, flavours, and formats that we are excited to release. They are designed to tap into the full fitness regime of the consumer – from pre-workout, intra-workout, post-workout, and recovery.

On what distribution models BUILD. has been available to its customers until now? How do you see the company expanding in the near future to additional distribution channels?

SS: BUILD. is an omnichannel brand. We have signed up exclusively with BRIGHT Performance Nutrition, one of India’s largest offline distributors in this category for retail presence in Sports Nutrition Stores across India. We also sell through our website www.buildyourgoals.com and are soon going to be available in all leading e-commerce marketplaces.

With the growing fitness enthusiasm in India, how is BUILD. set to take advantage of this?

SS: BUILD. is very well placed to take advantage of this. Historically, all the leading brands in India were imported. They were not specifically designed for the Indian consumer. BUILD. is one of the few brands that has used the best sports science and food science to create products that are efficacious and delicious. We have products designed for all active lifestyle users and gym-goers. Our innovation pipeline is well-populated to launch newer, exciting products over the next 24 months.

How do you see the sports nutrition industry growing in the country?

SS: The Sports Nutrition category is poised for explosive growth in India. The rising adoption of a healthier and more active lifestyle and the expansion and access to gyms is fuelling this growth. We expect the category to be at around Rs 4000 crore by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 25 per cent. BUILD. is geared to be among the top 3 brands in the category in that period.

The sports nutrition supplements industry is currently worth over $30 billion worldwide, and though American and European businesses have the lion’s share of the market, India is slowly catching up with the rest of the world due to the rise of high-quality sports nutrition supplement brands. In India specifically, the market is still relatively small with only 10-12 per cent of the population being aware of these nutrition products. However, this is anticipated to change in the coming years as more people become health-conscious and the fitness industry continues to grow.

A message to all fitness enthusiasts as protein supplements is now consumed by non-gym goers too.

SS: It is great to see that more people are taking an interest in their health and fitness, and incorporating protein supplements into their diets. However, it is important to remember that protein supplements are not a magic solution to achieving your fitness goals. If you are considering incorporating protein supplements into your diet, it is important to do so under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional or registered dietitian.

They can help you determine the appropriate amount of protein you need based on your individual goals and health status, and recommend the best type of protein supplement for you. Remember, fitness and health are not just about consuming supplements, it’s about adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a balanced diet, and plenty of rest and recovery. Extraordinary things happen when you move. Move to BUILD.

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