Investor Summit in Kerala to Unlock Tourism Potential

Tourism Minister P.A.Mohammed Riyas said the investor meet will be held in Thiruvananthapuram on November 16…reports Asian Lite News

In what’s billed as a first of its kind, Kerala is to organise a investor meet in the tourism sector, it was announced on Thursday.

Tourism Minister P.A.Mohammed Riyas said the investor meet will be held in Thiruvananthapuram on November 16.

“Tourism sector is a highly promising area for Kerala, whose full investment potential is yet to be tapped effectively. The investors meet will make major strides in that direction,” he said.

“Tourism sector is a highly promising area for Kerala, whose full investment potential is yet to be tapped effectively.” – P.A. Mohammed Riyas, Tourism Minister

Ahead of it, he said they have identified the thrust areas and locations that need more investments and will be unveiled before the investors and other stakeholders from India and abroad. He said the event will be attended by around 350 investors.

Students Summit in TVM

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated an international students summit in Kanakakunnu palace, Thiruvananthapuram. A total of 162 students from 42 countries studying in different educational institutions under Kerala University attended the summit. The summit was organised as part of Keraleeyam programme.

While addressing the students Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said, “As you all have probably already experienced, Kerala’s peaceful and secular environment, the hospitality of our people, and the state’s natural beauty are its hallmarks. You may also know that Kerala is at par with several developed countries in multiple human development indices. The Kerala model of development which enabled such feats, is a term that has been acknowledged around the world.”

Over the last two centuries, our renaissance movements, progressive forces, agricultural struggles, labour advances and progressive governments have together paved the way for transforming Kerala into a modern society that is the beacon of progressive ethos, communal harmony and peaceful co-existence. Yet, we recognise the need to further enhance our standing in many sectors.

Accordingly, we are in the process of transforming Kerala into a knowledge economy and innovation society. We are building Kerala anew, so as to realise a Navakeralam (New Kerala). It will be sustainable and inclusive. In our transformative journey forward, we are learning from and sharing our experiences with the world. We stand at the threshold of ‘Keraleeyam’, a unique event designed to showcase the marvels of Kerala before the world.

Kerala has a rich tradition of welcoming visitors and cultures with open arms. The Kerala that we see today has been shaped by the interactions that we have had with various peoples, languages, cultures and nations spanning millennia. 450 foreign students from around 40 nations are currently studying in Kerala. It is a testament of the fact that pluralism and multiculturalism are part and parcel of our very existence.

CM also added that it is heartening to see the students adorned in their national attires, creating a global ambience here at Kanakakkunnu and many of these students who are representatives of our diverse world, will serve as an ambassador of Kerala.

CM further added that Kerala stands apart in a world of turmoil and turbulence with its unique sense of fraternity and camaraderie which the world at large is grossly lacking. The situation prevailing in Kerala which is marked by the rare unity of minds is something distinctive at a time when various parts of the world are quickly turning into hot beds of friction and hatred.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Kerala is one of the top choices in India as far as international students are concerned. It is to cater to them that international hostels are being set up, including a 43,500 sq. ft. complex. Students from other Indian states to find Kerala appealing. Dr. Visazo Kikhi, a young surgeon from Nagaland who is here with us today, can attest to this. He completed his MBBS and MS from Government Medical Colleges in the state. His recent reflections on his decade in Kerala have resonated far and wide.

The movement of students between states and countries will certainly continue. Such exchanges between people and places have historically been beneficial for mankind as a whole. In today’s scenario, we should all strive to ensure that such exchanges help to make the world a better place for all those in it.

The Life Sciences Park, Institute of Advanced Virology, Ayurveda Research Institute, Medical Technology Consortium and so on, are our initiatives to aid this transformation. Kerala was the first state in India to set up an IT Park, over 3 decades back. Now, we have the country’s first Digital University and Digital Science Park. Four more such parks will come up shortly.

The Kerala Genomic Data Centre, a pioneering high-capacity data center dedicated to harnessing genomic data and Kerala’s rich biodiversity, was inaugurated last year. Once fully operational, it will be the world’s premier center focusing on both humans and non-human organisms. India’s first Graphene Innovation Centre is also coming up in Kerala. Our goal is to utilise science and technology for human progress and social transformation, CM said. (IANS/ANI)

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