Modi’s PNG visit a landmark in India’s engagement with Pacific Islands

Historically, it marks the first-ever visit by an Indian Prime Minister to the island…reports Asian Lite News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Papua New Guinea marks an important juncture in India’s increasing engagement with the Pacific Islands, according to Global Order.

PM Modi’s visit holds importance in many respects. Historically, it marks the first-ever visit by an Indian Prime Minister to the island and strategically, it lays the foundation of what could possibly be one of the most significant bilateral partnerships of India in the context of the Indo-Pacific, as per Global Order. India’s interest in greater engagements with the Pacific island nations is rooted in the conception of the Indo-Pacific as a geopolitical entity.

As the Indo-Pacific begins to gain more and more significance in international relations, it becomes important for India to be able to expand its footprint not just in terms of influence but also in terms of building long-term strategic and cultural partnerships with these nations, according to Global Order.

This goal was achieved together by India and Australia over the last decade by becoming the epitome of regional integration and bilateral relationship.

As per Global Order, it is now time to look towards these island nations that hold immense potential in terms of geological resources but need the infrastructural and economic investments needed to realise this potential.

India can and will become a strong driver of development and opportunity in this regard. This suggests a relationship of mutual benefit that can culminate with this engagement.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra on Monday briefed about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recently concluded visit to Papua New Guinea. He said that the India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) Summit was an opportunity for Pacific Island countries’ leaders to share their views on regional priorities, interests and on engagements with India in their space.

During his visit to Papua New Guinea, PM Modi co-chaired the 3rd India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) Summit with the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, James Marape on Monday, Vinay Kwatra said.

While addressing a press briefing on Monday, Vinay Kwatra said, “As you would all know and recall the FIPIC was launched in Fiji in 2014 during Prime Minister’s visit to that country. It has helped deepen considerably our engagement its scope, its breadth, its intensity with PIC countries across various domains and priorities which are set by the FIPIC countries.” (ANI)

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