Kashmiri business magnate in Australia’s top entrepreneurs list 

KnG Group of companies encompasses healthcare, education, tech and cyber security, and home care, representing a diverse range of industries…reports Firdous Hassan

When Maninderjit Kala of Baramulla went to Australia in 2009 to pursue a master’s degree in journalism, little did he know anything about entrepreneurship.

Come 2023, Maninderjit who is popularly known as Mannu Kala, has emerged as one of the top entrepreneurs in Australia.

Kala’s name has figured among the Top Australia Entrepreneurs of the Year. A co-owner of KnG Group, Mannu was ranked 14 among the best 100 entrepreneurs in Australia this year.

 “It is a great achievement for me to figure in the names of Australia’s top 100 entrepreneurs. My journey from journalism to entrepreneurship started in Khojabagh, Baramulla where I lived before moving to Australia to start my career in journalism. I always had that leadership qualities and entrepreneurial mindset, which got nourished in Australia,” he said.

KnG Group of companies encompasses healthcare, education, tech and cyber security, and home care, representing a diverse range of industries.

KnG was founded in 2020 by Mannu Kala and Dr. Anuj Gupta. It was aimed to create innovative solutions to address the challenges brought about by the pandemic. In 2023, Covax Australia was named KnG Healthcare, which has now become part of a conglomerate of companies, The KnG Group.

 “We work on various projects of government in healthcare, education, nursing homes cyber security, technology, and energy sector,” Kala said.

Mannu’s journey as a successful entrepreneur has not been a cakewalk since he had to work on multiple ventures before setting up Australia’s leading firm.

 “In 2011, I started a firm named dynamic pathology. It was followed by another firm Medlab Pathology in 2016, which extensively worked in the field of pathology. Being Kashmiri, we are tough and dare to face adversities. I worked very hard over the years and co-founded KnG Group to provide solutions in multiple fields to the government of Australia and other companies,” he said.

International Award Winning Entrepreneur Mannu Kala is now a prominent go-to- problem solver and leader in the health industry.

Kala’s company stands as one of Australia’s leading firms, known for its creativity, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. “I aim to work even harder so that I can contribute to my valley by spreading positivity about it,” he said.

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