Herat province sees rise in mental illness cases

Doctors in the province warned that the number of people with mental illness will surge if the situation continues…reports Asian Lie News

Afghanistan has witnessed a surge in cases of mental illness in recent months of which 80 per cent of the patients are women from nearly 100 people who visit the hospital on a regular basis, TOLOnews quoted Qadem Mohammadi, head of the mental health ward in Herat’s provincial hospital as saying.

According to statistics, the provincial hospital in Herat had at least 400 patients admitted during the previous month. Lack of jobs, family problems and the closure of schools and universities for women are the main reasons for mental illness, TOLOnews reported. Patients also claimed that marital abuse and economic issues are major contributors to the rise of mental illness in society.

“I experience the signs one after another and I don’t know what happens next,” said Mah Jan, a patient.

Doctors in the province warned that the number of people with mental illness will surge if the situation continues.

“Women make up half of society and if they return to their education and work, it will be good for them,” TOLOnews quoted Mohammad Shafiq Omar, a doctor as saying.

The economic and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan remains grave.

On December 24, the de facto authorities issued a decree banning women from working in NGOs, TOLOnews reported. This came after they had already suspended university education for women and secondary schooling for girls until what they termed further notice.

The ban on higher education for women in Afghanistan has reportedly drawn widespread reactions from all across the globe and criticism for the Taliban’s hardline policies in the country.

The females in the country are bearing the brunt of the Taliban’s hardlines Islamic regime the most as the outfit has imposed many repressive rules on women including banning education, work, and long travel. (ANI)

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