Israel Hails Biden as ‘Father Figure’ Amid Political Shift

When a White House aide started to end the session, Biden wouldn’t have it, according to one of the family members on the call…reports Asian Lite News

US President Joe Biden has literally emerged as the ‘father figure’ to Israel as millions idolise him after his 7-hour visit, the first ever war-time one of an American president, even overshadowing the popularity of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

Biden made a Zoom call for about 15 minutes last night with families of Americans taken hostage by Hamas evoking a strong bonding with the Israelis who now idolise him as their father figure. 

When a White House aide started to end the session, Biden wouldn’t have it, according to one of the family members on the call.

“The president actually looked at him and said: ‘Last time I checked I’m the president of the United States. And this meeting will end when I say it ends,'” The President reportedly said per Ruby Chen of Israel, the father of Itay Chen, a 19-year-old member of the Israel Defense Forces and a dual US-Israeli citizen who is among those missing. 

“He actually wanted to hear from every single one of us,” USA Today quoted Chen as saying.

That moment became unforgettable for many Israelis as Biden’s sudden shift from a political figure to father figure, as his commitment to Israel often came under scrutiny by Conservative critics inside and outside the Jewish state. Right now, Biden is arguably the world’s leading champion of Israel outside the Middle East, USA Today said.

Biden’s actions and words since the October 7 Hamas attack, climaxed by a sudden dramatic visit on Wednesday to Israel, has come under praise even from many of Biden’s biggest skeptics in Israel as he has demonstrated very strongly he stands with Israel promising “unprecedented” military assistance.

“Israelis were hungry for a father figure that will hug them and show empathy. And the president has done that in such a way that really touched every Israeli,” said Nimrod Novik, a former foreign policy adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and now a fellow with the Israel Policy Forum.

Israelis last week displayed a billboard off a highway in Tel Aviv stating, “Thank you, Mr. President,” next to Biden’s image. A billboard welcomed Biden to Israel during his visit Wednesday. The praise showering Biden in Israel comes as its own leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has seen his support in his country plummet in the wake of the Hamas attack and Israel’s military response, USA Today pointed out.

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