Turn the world around with consistency and dedication

Irrespective of the path of life that one is walking on be it the job or relationship, this is something everyone should decide for themselves…reports Asian Lite News

Raj Shamani, a well-known public speaker and podcaster, has struggled with public speaking since he was a child. Today, he has given over 200 speeches on business, branding, growth, and mental health in over 26 countries.

He is one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs, with a Rs 200-crore turnover company and is also the country’s youngest representative to the United Nations. He began by making soaps at home in two buckets and selling them door to door. Here are some significant insights from Raj Shamani’s SeekhoX session, a platform for young people to learn about education, careers, money, and other topics.

Lesson 1 – Be your own decision maker even if it means making tough decisions

Raj says , “What to do, which city to live in, and with whom to live with – these are the three decisions that every individual should make for themselves.”

Irrespective of the path of life that one is walking on be it the job or relationship, this is something everyone should decide for themselves. These are the stepping stones aka the foundation of your journey and if these decisions are influenced by someone, it can later become a sorry story.

Lesson 2 – Consistency is boring but compounds in the long run

He says, “If you work on something for 6 months with consistency and dedication, you can turn the world around.”

He highlighted that people have a ‘go-getter’ attitude on Day 1 of their start. But, the start is the easiest thing to do. It’s the consistency that’s the catch. Consistency is boring but eventually compounds the end results. His advice to youngsters is to give themselves 6 months with consistency and dedication to see things truly turn for the better.

Lesson 3- Forget self doubt when you communicate with others

Raj says to communicate in the way of “I’m here to speak, you’re here to listen.”

He laid focus on the fact that the way one communicates speaks volumes of their knowledge. His tip for young people is to be confident in who they are and own up. Once you make peace with all that you are, the second step is to communicate with the same confidence and body language. No matter who, what and where, you should speak like you are a speaker.

Lesson 4 – If you want to become rich, start doing a business

He added, “Until you are really good at what you do, you cannot become rich.”

He emphasised on the part that if and only if you are in the top 1 percent of people who are good at that particular skill in the world, you are replaceable. He says a 9to5 can give you stability but it’s not going to make you rich. So instead, work on building a business and then look for ways to monetise it.

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