KCR gives slogan of ‘BJP Mukt Bharat’

KCR, as the leader is popularly known, alleged that the Narendra Modi government has had no achievement for the last 8 years, and “he is only working on the Becho (sell) India campaign”….reports Asian Lite News

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, who visited Patna on Wednesday to meet his Bihar counterpart Nitish Kumar and other Mahagatbandhan leaders, gave the slogan of “BJP Mukt Bharat”.

“The country is a trouble zone and hence, we have decided to bring every opposition party on one stage to oppose the BJP. I have a good meeting with our elder brother Nitish Kumar ji and we will sit together to make strategy against the BJP for the 2024 Lok Sabha election. The BJP wants an opposition-free space to establish a dictatorship in the country. Hence we have decided on a ‘BJP Mukt Bharat’,” he said.

KCR, as the leader is popularly known, alleged that the Narendra Modi government has had no achievement for the last 8 years, and “he is only working on the Becho (sell) India campaign”.

“What is the achievement of Narendra Modi in this country? Has he done anything that helps people to live an easy life? His government is selling the assets of the country including railway, airports, shipyards, LIC etc. Agriculture is the only sector in the country which is beyond his control but his government is eyeing it too,” he claimed.

“Why did the farmers of the country agitate for 14 months? Why did PM Narendra Modi apologise to them and promised to rectify things. Why hasn’t it yet? What was the reason? His promise has no value. It is a big conspiracy going in the country against the farmers to penalise them to such an extent that they would have a hand to mouth existence and be ready to sell their lands. The friends of Modi Ji are ready to purchase it,” he said.

“Telangana is the youngest state in the country which was built in 2014. In the beginning, we had so many challenges like power supply, MSP to farmers etc. The situation was as such that the business of inverters, batteries, stabilisers, motor windings are flourishing in the state. Then we decided to rectify things and within 2 years, we provided high quality electricity in every sector. Telangana government has opened 7,000 purchasing points where the state government is purchasing every last grain of farmers on MSP. If we do it, why can’t the Central government which has more resources than us,” he said.

“The Central government is not allowing states to flourish in the country. If any state is trying to do development on their own, the Center is making hurdles for it. In Telangana, we have a coal mine where we can purchase coal at Rs 3,600 per ton but the Centre passed an order to purchase the coal from our own coal mine at Rs 25,000 per ton. Why would we purchase on the rate of Centre as its production is being done in our own state. Hence, we refused it,” he said.

Noting that ahead of the presidential election in the US, the Prime Minister went there and gave a slogan of “Abki Baar Trump Sarkar”, he said: “I want to ask Modi ji to say why had he given such a slogan… Was it an election of the Ahmedabad corporation? Trump lost the election and Joe Biden won. Now, you would imagine what would be the US strategy toward India.”

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