India organises seminar in Japan on priorities for G20 Presidency

India’s theme as stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is — ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’…reports Asian Lite News

The Indian Embassy in Tokyo on Wednesday organised a seminar to introduce the theme, logo and priorities for its G20 Presidency.

“@IndianEmbTokyo organized a seminar to introduce the theme, logo and priorities for India’s G20 Presidency. It was attended by representatives from the government, business community and academia, and members of the Indian community,” tweeted India in Japan. India formally assumed the Presidency of G-20 on December 1, 2022 and will hold it till November 30, 2023.

India’s theme as stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is — ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’.

PM Modi had described India’s agenda at the G-20 as “inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented.”

He added, “During our G-20 Presidency, we shall present India’s experiences, learnings and models as possible templates for others, particularly the developing world.”

The G20 summit is tipped to be qualitatively different from any of the previous multilateral summits that India has hosted.

None of the previous summits had the world’s largest economies assembled in one place nor did they have the entire P-5 (permanent members of the UN Security Council) represented.

In that sense, the G-20 summit would be the first-of-its kind in its history.

“To promote harmony within the human family, we will seek to depoliticise the global supply of food, fertilisers and medical products, so that geopolitical tensions do not lead to humanitarian crises,” read India’s G-20 statement earlier.

The G20 presidency is an opportunity to present the diversity of India to the outside world.

Among the large democracies, India has, by far, been the best performer in handling the Covid-19 pandemic and the same has been ascknowledged by the world.

For the world, the Indian public goods delivery mechanism, at a billion-plus scale, has set a new template.

India’s independent foreign policy, so visibly demonstrated in the ongoing NATO-Russia (Ukraine) war, has also made the world sit up and take notice of New Delhi’s increasng global heft.

The assertion of its national interest is also markedly different from the ‘glory’ days of the Non-Aligned Movement.

G-20 can act as a forum to exchange experiences on societal benefits and growth as complementary goals would lead to fresh thinking on employment and the environment.

India has its own initiatives like the ‘LiFE Movement’ & ‘The One Sun One World One Grid’ to offer to the world.

From scaling up of a seamless digital payment model built on the public digital infrastructure (UPI) to the unique digital identity, and from the successful financial inclusion model of the bottom quintile to the seamless transition to green energy, India now has many models to showcase to the developing world. (ANI)

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