Australia activates security suspecting Khalistani activism

Recently, the Indian government has raised concerns about growing Khalistani divisive activities in multiple capital cities of Australia…reports Asian Lite News

After the Indian government raised concerns about activities of anti-India elements in Australia, the Canberra officials started working with the security apparatus to look into the “Khalistan referendum” matter.

Recently, the Indian government has raised concerns about growing Khalistani divisive activities in multiple capital cities of Australia and one of the officials in the meeting said, “Allegations of some overseas players entering into Australia and running a malicious campaign with elements of possibly violent past are very concerning to us,” The Australia Today reported. During the meeting with Australia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Home Affairs Minister Claire O’Neil, officials also said that they respect freedom of speech but now it looks like something is not going right.

The Australia Today revealed that in the latest development, the Department of Home Affairs of Australia is examining the visa conditions of some Khalistani overseas players who are actively involved in a proposed Khalistan referendum to be held in Melbourne.

In the meeting, Indian government officials strongly advised the Albanese government that this could lead to violence toward Indian Australians.

In the social media space, “The Last Battle to kill Indian-Hindutva system” along with pictures of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh are circulating which are seen as Khalistani propaganda posters.

Notably, Satwant Singh was one of the bodyguards who assassinated India’s then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at her New Delhi residence on October 31, 1984. Meanwhile, Kehar Singh was tried and executed for conspiracy in the plot of the Indira Gandhi assassination, carried out by Satwant Singh and his accomplice Beant Singh (nephew of Kehar Singh), according to The Australia Today.

Another poster with Australian phone numbers accuses Hindu mobs of killing an infant of a Sikh Army officer.

A representative of the Hindu Council of Australia who does not want to be named for security reasons told The Australia Today, “Concerned community members have reached out to them as they live around the route of the proposed Khalistan Referendum Car rally.”

“Tens of thousands of Hindu families living in Melbourne’s western suburbs of Tarneit are scared of not only their wellbeing but also their properties.”

In November 2022, members of the Indian-Australian community in Victoria were left shocked and deeply disturbed to see Khalistani flags, booklets and T-shirts distributed and displayed at the Nagar Kirtan/Humanity Walk organised by the Victorian Sikh Gurdwaras Council (VSGC), as per The Australia Today.

Earlier in June 2022, members of the Indian-Australian community were upset to see the Australian Defence Force marquee at the Griffith Sikh Games where Khalistani banners, posters and flags were displayed.

According to The Australia Today, the Australian Defence Force spokesperson in a statement conceded that they have identified an internal process issue and are working to address it. It noted: “While the attendance of the ADF personnel at this event was well-intentioned, it has identified some internal process issues around attendance at community events and a requirement for further awareness training, both of which are being addressed.”

After this news, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that the matter has been taken with the Australian government.

“We came to know there was an instance. We have taken it up with the Australian government. It pertained to some soldiers of Australia. Talks are being held, don’t have more details,” Bagchi said during the weekly media briefing in July. (ANI)

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