Imran’s long march to kick off on Oct 28

If the PTI holds another long march, then it would be the second time they would be coming to Islamabad…reports Asian Lite News

PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday said PTI will kick off its long march on October 28, Friday from Lahore, the media reported.

Addressing a press conference, the former Pakistan Prime Minister said that all party workers, supporters and leaders will gather at Lahore’s Liberty Chowk at 11 a.m. from where they will march towards Islamabad, The News reported.

The PTI chief had last week said that he would announce the date on Friday, but the anti-government march will now start on the same day — despite repeated government warnings, The News reported.

The government approached the Supreme Court earlier to stop the PTI’s long march.

However, the apex court rejected the request to issue an interim order for stopping the PTI’s planned long march –giving a boost to the Khan-led party.

Before it approached the top court, the government issued repeated warnings to the PTI chief, with a top official saying that the authorities would multiply their May 25 policy by 10 if Khan announces another long march.

If the PTI holds another long march, then it would be the second time they would be coming to Islamabad.

The last march was held on May 25 and ended with Khan abruptly calling off the march after reaching Islamabad.

Pak Journalist Arshad Sharif shot dead in Kenya, says wife.(photo:

Sharif death ‘targeted killing’

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan attacked the Pakistani government while calling the death of Pakistan journalist Arshad Sharif a ‘targeted killing’.

While addressing the public at a lawyers’ convention in Peshawar, the Former Pakistan Prime Minister called Sharif a martyr, Dawn reported on Tuesday.

The PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday claimed that slain journalist Arshad Sharif was a victim of a targeted killing.

Imran paid tribute to Sharif, calling him “a brave patriot who never compromised his conscience”. He also spoke about his immense respect and admiration for the journalist.

Imran said Sharif stood for “justice, truth and Pakistan’s interests”, adding that he himself had received criticism from the journalist on numerous occasions.

He attacked the Sharif and Zardari families, the two coalition parties in the current Pakistan government by saying that he exposed these two families.

“He never spared any mafia. He exposed these two families (Sharif and Zardari families) in every programme with proof but no one could scare or buy him … then he started getting threats from unknown numbers to ‘not say this or speak the truth’ when he started exposing this regime,” Dawn quoted Imran as saying.

He alleged that Sharif was being given death threats earlier and Khan knew about it. He also gave reference to the alleged plot to “kill” Khan.

“Then I received information that they were about to kill him. They invaded his home and scared him in front of his family just so that he doesn’t speak the truth.

He said that he advised him to leave the country, but he refused.

“I told him I have information, the same way I had information about a plot to kill me,” Khan said.

They wanted to do the same with him what they did with Azam Swati, Shahbaz Gill and Jameel Farooqui,” Imran added as per Dawn. (IANS/ANI)

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