Dismantling terror ecosystem in Naya J&K

Kashmir youth have said no to guns, stone pelting and street protests have become a history as the people in the Valley have chosen to stay away from violence…reports Asian Lite News

Security forces dismantling terror ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir have brought down the local recruitment in terrorist outfits to zero leaving the terror sponsors sitting in Pakistan frustrated.

From January to October this year, 40 foreign terrorists have been killed in different encounters in the Himalayan region and the ones who are on run are being chased by the security forces.

All the terror outfits are facing leadership crisis as the mercenaries sent by Pakistan are finding it hard to garner local support.

Post abrogation of Article 370, a temporary provision in the Constitution of India, terrorist bosses sitting across the Line of Control have made multiple attempts to disrupt peace in J&K but all their attempts have been thwarted due to security forces working in close coordination with each other and the people.

Foreign terrorists, who have been killed in the first 10-months of this year, were instrumental in provoking and luring local youth into terror groups and pushing them on the path of death and destruction.

The foreign terrorists operating in J&K have been using locals as shields to save themselves from getting killed. But now the time has changed as the locals are refusing to become cannon fodder.

Kashmir youth have said no to guns, stone pelting and street protests have become a history as the people in the Valley have chosen to stay away from violence.

During the past few months security forces have seized ready-made IEDs in the Jammu region. These IEDs were air dropped through drones. Using the low cost IEDs is a new strategy aimed at keeping the conflict alive.

Infiltration, compared to previous years, was on decline from January to October this year but after the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the international watchdog on terror financing and money laundering, removed Pakistan from its ‘grey list’ last month the infiltration attempts have increased. Terror camps have returned to Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and the terrorists are planning to infiltrate into J&K in a big way.

(Photo – Nisar Malik IANS)

Pak putting facade of ceasefire

On October 26, 2022, Army accused Pakistan of trying to disrupt peace and harmony in Kashmir “while putting on the facade of ceasefire.”

The Army said that a major infiltration attempt by terrorists along the Line of Control (LoC) in Tangdhar sector in North Kashmir was foiled on the night of October 25 by killing an infiltrator, while his accomplices managed to flee back. The killed terrorist was identified as Mohammed Shakur, 32, son of Yakub, belonging to Syedpura in PoK.

The Army said that a number of inputs pertaining to possible infiltration by a group of terrorists through Sudpura in Kupwara district were received by the security forces and since then the area has been kept under surveillance.

“Timely action and close coordination between Indian Army, JKP and other Intelligence agencies led to foiling of the infiltration attemptin Kupwara and potential threat to peace in hinterland,” the Army said, adding, “Continued engagements along the Line of Control are uncanny reminders of efforts by Pakistan to infuse terrorism in Kashmir and disrupt peace and harmony while putting on the facade of ceasefire understanding. Youth in PoK are being used as cannon fodder by Pakistan from the last three decades with a fruitless aim to constantly disrupt progress towards collective peace.”

During the past few days, the Army has foiled multiple infiltration attempts along LoC in Kashmir and Jammu regions. Pakistan after being delisted by the FATF is trying to push in terrorists into J&K as the terror bosses seem to have regained the lost freedom in the neighbouring country.

Terrorists playing dirty game

By targeting the members of minority communities and the outside labourers working in Kashmir terrorists are playing another dirty game.

Such actions are being carried out to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in Kashmir and to damage the age-old fabric of communal harmony.

Terrorists want to provoke people across India to target Kashmiris working in other states. But the people are acting in a matured way and are not falling into the trap laid by the hate mongers.

Photo Nisar Malik IANS)

People don’t want terror to return

People in Kashmir have understood that Pakistan is neither a well wisher nor a sympathizer. A common man in J&K has witnessed unprecedented development during the past three years. He doesn’t want bloodshed, shutdowns and stone pelting to return.

Residents of J&K are acting as ears and eyes of the security forces and have joined the battle against terror. They are refusing to provide shelter, food and other logistic support to terrorists and are providing tips to the security agencies about the presence of terrorists in their areas.

Local youth are not showing any inclination towards joining the terror groups. Nor are they acting as their conduits. J&K youth after 2019 have learnt to chase their dreams and are staying away from the violence. Only a handful of misguided youngsters are falling in the trap of terrorists and are helping them to execute their nefarious plans but most of the youth have said no to stones, guns, grenades and bombs.

Pak refuses to accept defeat

J&K denizens saying no to violence, has annoyed the terrorists and their bosses and they are making every possible attempt to punish the locals for refusing to become a part of their proxy war.

Pakistan is in denial and is refusing to acknowledge the defeat. The terrorist handlers have passed the instructions to foreigners in J&K to take over the lead role to keep the pot boiling. They somehow want to derail the development process in J&K so that fear and terror return. However, the security forces and the J&K natives are working in close coordination and are determined to defeat the elements inimical to peace. There is no possibility about terror returning to the Himalayan region.

The terrorism is on its last legs as all the stakeholders have come together to play their role in restoring everlasting peace and normalcy in J&K.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi led dispensation has put such a system in place in �which a common man has become an equal stakeholder. He is aware that peace is prerequisite for development and the foreign mercenaries being pushed in by Pakistan cannot be entertained in “Naya Jammu and Kashmir”.

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