MCR based all Indian players cricket team on a strong wicket

TMV 3rd XI (Club – Trafford Metrovics Cricket Club) formerly called the Royals playing in the Cheshire County Cricket League are set to win matches. Rahul Laud tracks their story.

TMV 3rd XI Sunday Division 3 West 2021 comprised of all players of Indian origin has won their First formal Match of 2021 season on 9th May 2021. Parvez Mirza was declared Man of the Match who took 5 wickets against the Widnes Cricket Club and forged his team (TMV) ahead with a 4 wicket win. MMV had got their opponents out earlier at 78 runs. ‘’The current victory has pushed the morale of the team, boosted its confidence and moved the team up the league ladder,’’ said Chanukya Rajagopala, co-founder of the TMV team.’’   

The uniqueness of the TMV 3rd XI is that all the players in the team are Indians and all-rounders which is perhaps the only kind of team in the UK. The team comprises of 21 players who are working professionals from IT, Medical and Civil Engineering & Accounting backgrounds.  Despite a considerable gap in playing, and although age not on the side of many players the team put in all the required hard work and are match fit. The Pre-Season friendlies gave the team immense confidence and the team has attracted attention of cricket enthusiasts and players

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Excited and happy Chanukya who also plays in the team tracks the history of his team. Asked about the launch of his team, he said TMV was first launched as – Trafford Royals in 2018 and later renamed to The Royals in 2019. Co-Founded by him, Kalyan Chukkapalli joined him as the Captain of the team.

The duo had brought together players of Indian origin who have the passion for the game. To kindle the fire in their belly for the game over the last 2 years, Royals Cricket Team have played all forms of cricket; 7 a side Indoor Tennis Ball Cricket to playing competitive cricket with other teams in North West of the UK.

Chanukya elaborates, ‘’the team progressed through various tournaments and their desire to play formal cricket in a professional format increased. The options of launching a new club were considered in 2020, but due to the lengthy process as well as a short season due to pandemic led to second consideration of taking over ailing clubs that require financial investments.’’ 


It is reported that during the 2020 season, TMV CC invited The Royals for a 3-match series of friendlies. ‘’During these friendly matches, the discussions led to TMV offering Royals to play as the 3rd XI team for TMV from 2021 season, thus heralding Royals team into a formally structured club cricket club as a fully-fledged team, explained Chanukya as to how Royals was transformed into a formal cricketing playing team.

The first season 2021 Fixtures have been released and the recent victory has made the team confident of doing well in the season. The team is confident to progress up the league ladder and end the season 2021 on a winning note.

Team includes:

Dr. Aravind Komuravelli; Dr. Brahma Peram; Mr. Chanukya Rajagopala; Dr. Chetan Upadhyaya Belle; Mr. Kalyan Chukkapalli; Dr. Kiran Chandra; Dr. Kishan Sharma; Dr. Mahesh D Kumar; Mr. Malleswara Reddy; Mr. Naveen Kumar Alwala; Dr. Nishan Bhandary; Mr. Parvez Mirza; Mr. Pradeep Sathyanarayan; Mr. Praveen Pattisapu; Mr. Praveen Tyagi; Mr. Ramakrishna Maddi; Mr. Shailesh Kumar; Dr. Shashi Chandrashekaraiah; Mr. Shivaji Rao Janasalay; Mr. Sreeshylam Pogaku; Mr. Vara Vantapati


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