Kumar Sanu: Hope next generation gets equal work because of Sushant

Self-made playback star Kumar Sanu has expressed pain at the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, who was his “child’s age”, and pointed out how “nepotism exists in Bollywood a little more than elsewhere”.

In a Facebook video, Sanu says in Hindi: “I still can’t believe that Sushant Singh has committed suicide. As far as I have heard, he was a very positive person. He was a talented actor apart from being a kind-hearted person. He did such good work in so less time. He had delivered several nice and hit films and created a space for himself. He was of my child’s age. He entertained us with such good films at this young age. May his soul rest in peace. I still wish Sushant had not taken this step.”

Talking about nepotism, Sanu added: “A new revolution has started with Sushant Singh’s death. Nepotism exists everywhere but it happens a little more in Bollywood.”

“You (audience) make artistes, you make us. People who make films or sit at the top cannot decide whose career will be made and who will be thrown out. Only you can take the decision on whom to accept and whom to reject,” he said.

“I’d like to offer an advice to those coming to Mumbai from outside to try their luck in the films, music or any related industry. After coming to Mumbai, first look for a job and then start your struggle. I did the same. This way, you would not have to worry about food and shelter while working on showcasing your talent.”

“I hope the next generation gets equal amount of work because of Sushant Singh. Today Sushant Singh is no more but he has become immortal. May God give him peace,” he concluded.