Missing My Beloved Kochi

About an hour before the sunset, a breeze would begin to blow onto the shores of Kochi. Gangs of college students, couples and large travelling groups would have flocked the Marine Drive by then.

Shacks which sell ‘Kulukki Sarbath’ (shaken lemonade), pickled mango, salted pineapple etc. would be live near the Ernakulam boat jetty by the noon. Lonely office goers would be sitting scattered around the jetty until their boats arrive.

It is into this setting, that our law college gang enters. We would climb up the unused stairs leading to the observation deck, atop the Jetty and occupy our reserved space on the final steps.

The breeze would gradually gain speed. The sun would change its attire more often. We would crack loud jokes and discuss anything and everything under the setting sun.

Even after passing out of the college, the enchanting Marine Drive, the evening breeze and the adjacent lush green Subhash Bose park were spiritual hot showers for me.

Whenever things get stressed up, whenever my mind demands an unwind, I would find time to take in the scent of the breeze and the sight of the sun. The warm lit harbour, passing boats and ships would add spice to the evening splendour.

Just like a suiting spanner unscrews a nut, the mind would declutter smoothly, bringing back the lost smile. I would then rush home to share this happiness with my loved ones.

The lovely breeze still blows, the colourful sun still sets. Though unable to feel them, the scent from the scene still comes to me, carried by the evening wind.

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