SONIA: Take the nation into confidence

Sonia Gandhi. (File Photo: IANS)

In a video statement, Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi has said the Prime Minister should come out and tell the truth and take nation into confidence on Chinese transgression in Galwan Valley.

The Congress chief said that killing of soldiers has “shaken the conscious of the nation.”

When the whole nation is “agitated” on the killing of the soldiers, the Prime Minister should come out and tell the nation about the current situation in the Galwan valley, she added.

Sonia Gandhi said the Prime Minister should tell the nation the actual position on the LAC and the “policy ahead” to deal with the situation.

“What is the government of India policy to handle the situation,” she asked.

The Congress chief said the whole nation is together to fight the enemy.

She demanded the Prime Minister tell the nation how many soldiers were injured and taken captive and how much territory the Chinese have “occupied”.

The Congress said the Opposition has been raising questions since last month about Chinese transgression, but the government has not responded.

The Prime Minister has called an all-party meeting on June 19 over India-China border issue following a violent face-off with the Chinese troops.

The Prime Minister has also warned China that any misadventure will be responded to and that sacrifices of martyrs will not go in vain.

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