Goa IGP: Drugs Being Grown in Home

Peddlers are now growing drugs clandestinely in homes, because of the police crackdown on the smuggling of narcotic substances in the state, Goa Inspector General of Police Jaspal Singh said on Friday.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a function organised by the Goa Police on occasion of International Day against Drug Abuse, Singh also said, that once Goa is rid of the drug menace, the state would be able to attract quality tourists, who would be in a position to enjoy the state’s myriad touristic offerings.

When asked to comment on the trend of increasing number of police raids on homes in Goa where marijuana is grown in a controlled environment, Singh said: “That shows the pressure on import of drugs is so high and so focussed, that people are now growing it inside the house. But that is basically weed or ganja or something like that”.

“They are not manufacturing synthetic drugs, but we have busted those groups also and a large number of cases have also been booked. It depends on the society, if they know of any such things, they can inform the anti-narcotics cell (ANC) and this is how together as a society can fight against drugs,” he also said.

More than a dozen raids over the last couple of years, especially on rented homes in Goa’s tourism-savvy coastal villages have yielded in seizures of live marijuana plants being grown clandestinely, along with processing equipment. Barring several Indian nationals, in four cases foreigners, including Russian nationals have also been arrested in these raids.

Singh said that once the state manages to get rid of the drug menace, it would be able to attract quality tourism, which would make Goa flourish as a prime tourism destination.

“So once we get drugs rid from this state, it is my personal opinion that quality tourists will be attracted. This is why ANC is committed to getting rid of the drugs from the state,” Singh said.

“Goa is not about drugs, dance and beaches, it has much more to offer. It has pristine beaches, it is culturally very rich, its architecture, its religious architecture…” the acting Director General of Police further said.