Casualties on Chinese side in single digits, so far

Chinese Peoples Liberation Army has suffered casualties in single digits so far during their brutal attack on Indian Army personnel at Galwan valley at the Line of Actual Control that has so far killed 20 Indian soldiers, sources said.

“Their casualties are as low and in single digits so far,” sources told. The Chinese outnumbered Indian soldiers 1:5 at the ridge by the Galwan river where the clashes took place for six to seven hours on Monday night. The Chinese soldiers at patrolling point 14 where they were to make a deescalate operation, took on an India unarmed visiting patrol by surprise.

Indian Army has refused to comment on the number of Chinese Army casualties. “It takes time to analyse the casualties in the opposite camp during such violent attacks. Lot of factors are involved to reach specifics,” said the army officer.

Source in a top intelligence agency stated that casualties on the other side (Chinese) are in single digit according to “analysis done so far”.

During the brutal clash, at patrolling point number 14 in Ladakh on the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh, Indian Army troopers were outnumbered by 1:5 ratio when they came under attack from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers.

China’s PLA troopers “savagely attacked” Indian Army personnel, according to sources in the government with knowledge of the details of the Monday night clashes between the two army soldiers.

“The numbers were stacked up against the Indian Army troopers. Yet, the Indian side decided to fight the PLA troopers. The Indian soldiers were outnumbers 1:5 by the Chinese troopers,” the sources said on Wednesday.

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