Ali Fazal: Independency has Advantages

Actor Ali Fazal learned to be independent in his teens, and has realised it is liberating but comes with immense responsibility.

The actor added that his boarding school experience prepared him to cope with lockdown in a better way. Ali has been at his Bandra home alone since early March, and has been managing well without any house help.

“I am an accidental cook. But being outside home and living in boarding school has made me realise that I can manage well on my own,” Ali said.

“I remember in my early teens when I first went to Doon, I struggled for a few weeks. But over time, it was enjoyable. Being independent has its own advantages. It is liberating but it comes with immense responsibility too,” he added.

The actor feels “as you grow older, start working, you want a better life for yourself”.

“So living in an unkempt fashion is probably glorified in pop culture but I am way past that phase in my teen years. Home is your safe haven and I have accustomed myself to maintaining it to my liking. There is a big stigma around men doing housework. But aapka ghar toh aap hi save karenge na? Because of my boarding school experience, I am also comfortable being by myself. I love my people, of course. But I want them and not need them,” he added.