Pilots’ Union Renounces Salary Cut Of 60 Percent

The Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) has rejected the salary cut of 60 per cent proposed by Air India and has criticised the “diktat” type attitude of the national carrier’s management and officials.

This issue was discussed at the ICPA Northern Region general body meeting held recently where 90 per cent of the members participated.

Briefing the house about various meeting with the management, the office-bearers said:
“Initially meetings looked promising and meaningful, however, the diktat-type attitude of the management and officials present was not in the right spirit of negotiations and unjust/unfair salary cut was proposed (up to 60 per cent on gross emoluments) which was outrightly rejected by the ICPA.”

Among the suggestions received from the house included to be active on social media platform, and expose the management by signing a petition by all the pilots. It was also held that the 25 per cent pending money, still illegally held but which the management had agreed in court to give, to be paid immediately.


It was suggested that all the pilots of the airlines and its subsidiaries should be onboard for the common cause. A corpus fund’s creation for any adverse situation in mind, and hazard allowance for Covid-19 flights was also discussed while the leave without pay (LWP) policy was rejected outright.

Public sector undertaking (PSU) is a welfare state organisation under the Central government and should be treated like one, the members said. A few members raised the matter of resignations’ withdrawal and it was also discussed.

The resolution passed was that the house showed total unity and solidarity while giving the mandate to both its Regional Executive Committee and the Central Executive Commitee to go any extent, while protecting the interest of members.

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