India’s Mindcafe to Spearhead Student Mental Health Week 2024

Mindcafe joins Chegg and international non-profits to elevate conversations around students’ mental health, taking place February 26 – March 3…reports Asian Lite News

Mindcafe, an Indian mental health platform, has joined forces with Chegg and esteemed non-profits worldwide to observe Global Student Mental Health Week 2024, running from February 26 to March 3. This year, the focus will be on combating student loneliness, a concern highlighted by the World Health Organization as a global health priority due to its detrimental effects on wellbeing.

According to the Global Student Survey, concerning statistics regarding student mental health in India have emerged: 51% report inadequate sleep, 41% experience daily anxiety, and 34% struggle with loneliness and making friends.

Student Mental Health Week aims to destigmatize mental health issues among students and prompt discussions on what stakeholders can do to support mental wellness. Mindcafe, known for its comprehensive online courses designed by certified experts, will contribute to this effort. Additionally, their anonymous social media platform, MindFeeds, offers a safe space for users to express themselves without fear of judgment.

Numerous non-profits, including Active Minds, Calm, and the Born This Way Foundation, have partnered with Chegg for this initiative. Heather Hatlo Porter, Head of, expressed gratitude for the collaboration, emphasizing the importance of addressing student loneliness in the digital age.

Sneh Nigam, Founder and CEO of Mindcafe, highlighted the significance of open dialogue on mental health, stressing its impact on students both academically and personally.

Throughout the week, various activities will take place globally:

  • Chegg will consolidate mental health resources from partners on a centralized online platform, providing support to its student community.
  • In-person and digital events will engage students and inform policymakers and educational institutions about mental health challenges.
  • Student voices will be amplified through meetings with decision-makers and influencers, including lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
  • Finalists of the $100,000 Global Student Prize and the $1 million Global Teacher Prize will share insights on mental wellness.
  • Chegg’s Center for Digital Learning will release a white paper based on global research on student mental health.
  • Calm will offer exclusive guided meditations for anxiety and stress.

By fostering collaboration and dialogue, initiatives like Global Student Mental Health Week aim to empower students to prioritize their mental wellbeing and thrive academically and personally.

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