Model Kiran Rai grabs international brands

Kiran Rai takes fashion world by storm, Asian Lite reports

Kiran Rai

Kiran Rai

Taken the world by storm, 23 year old Kiran Rai keeps coming back for more and more. He is not only a product in the industry but a extremely handsome young man. He has recently been announced as the face and underwear model  for english american brand ‘ Future Cut Cloths ‘ and ‘D555’ which is a sister company of Duke Clothing CO based in UK and USA and does exhibitions all over the world.

Most teenagers are still figuring out what lies beneath them but this does not wait for the man who wants everything at his feet. Producing comedy chat shows to appearing in west end theaters to movie to leading fashion weeks around the world he most recently leaded the Shanghai Fashion week that was based in Dubai last week 7th – 10th which Kiran ran the catwalk with 5 Russian super models and even met the Abu Dhabi Prince of UAE and hosted the entire event in Dubai World Trade centre.

Things keep getting better and better for the young man but he still remembers to make sure his feet at his ground and stay humbled, his family are based in Nottingham but throughout his career has lived across 3 cities ( wolverhampton, hampshire, coventry ) which he felt at a young age would be beneficial to be living near casting directors so he could find any means possible to chase them down.

Kiran Rai is the hottest new thing at the moment and all media and fashion industry will take any chance to grab him. The young 23 year old will be around for much more years to come. 

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