White Tiger Dies Of Neo Plastic Tumour

Hyderabad Zoo officials informed that an eight-year white old tiger died in Nehru Zoological Par due to neoplastic tumour. Kiran, which was born in the zoo, was suffering from neoplastic tumour in the right side of the lower jaw and was under intensive care treatment at Laboratory for Conservation of Endangered Species (LaCONES), a unit under the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) for last three weeks. The big cat succumbed on Thursday.

Neoplastic tumour has already claimed the lives of Kiran’s father and grandfather, both white tigers, at the same zoo during the last few years. The experts have begun a study into the causes of the disease.

According to Nehru Zoological Park (NZP) curator N. Kshitija, Kiran’s father Badri and grandfather Rudra, both died of neoplastic tumour — Badri at 12, Rudra when 14 years.

Keeping in mind the health condition of Kiran, NZP authorities approached LaCONES to conduct a study on causes of neoplastic tumour in three generations of the white tiger.

White tiger at Hyd Zoo dies of neoplastic tumour.

The veterinary experts from Veterinary Biological Research Institute (VBRI), Hyderabad College of Veterinary Sciences, LaCONES and retired deputy director and Zoo consultant Dr M. Navin Kumar had been treating Kiran since May 29.

“The diagnostic reports of the tiger have been sent to the principal scientist IVRI for an expert opinion. The biopsy results are awaited from VBRI,” she said.

The veterinary expert team headed by the Professor and Head of the department of pathology at the College of Veterinary Science conducted the postmortem.

The experts observed lesions and hard mass of approximately 500 grams necrosed extended into the lower jaw. The lungs were infiltrated with small neoplastic tumours causing them to collapse leading to death associated with asphyxia. All samples were collected and sent to VBRI for further detailed examination.

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